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The food industry uses a one-thing-one-code marketing system to establish a private domain traffic pool

by:Fullgo     2023-02-08
Increase sales and repurchase use marketing activities to help companies realize that every consumer is a propagandist of the company, scan the code to receive red envelopes, exchange points for gifts, lottery turntables, cash red envelopes, etc. Complete the perfect bridge of promotion from offline to online, effectively enhance the interaction between brands and consumers, help improve the influence of enterprises, digitize red envelope promotion activities, and achieve precise marketing. The one-thing-one-code marketing system has become a product marketing tool, helping merchants to do marketing, and playing a role in brand promotion, increasing the repurchase rate, increasing product sales, and enhancing brand awareness. Obtain brand-related information and online participation in activities, obtain exchange coupons to unlock rights according to the instructions of the activity rules, and then go to offline stores for online verification and receive activities of the same specifications. A flexible and customizable marketing plan can do a good job of marketing and promotion, help the food industry to improve sales, increase the repurchase rate, increase awareness, and allow the brand to be well promoted. It enables enterprises to understand the sales situation of each commodity and understand the market demand. Enterprises can set the style that consumers like according to different industries, which can effectively deepen the impression of consumers on the enterprise. Food manufacturers can help brands achieve terminal boosting through smart marketing and coding in the production and production process, combined with prize verification, store management systems, and other smart marketing management. It can increase product sales, attract consumers to participate in marketing activities, and increase fans of merchants' official accounts; use the form of lottery to generate high-frequency interactions with consumers, and firmly bind consumers to brands. Improving consumers' awareness of the brand makes the product more valuable. Scanning the code to check the authenticity uses the form of lottery to interact with consumers, bind customers to the brand, optimize the experience, and increase the participation rate. The food industry uses the one-item-one-code marketing system to efficiently help product companies establish a relationship between customers and manufacturers, enabling manufacturers to monitor the entire process of promotional activities in real time, allowing brands to better understand consumers. Through product anti-counterfeiting codes and allowing consumers to participate in the marketing activities set up by the enterprise, the brand obtains user data, realizes the personalized upgrade of the marketing system, improves the popularity of the product, and helps the enterprise increase product sales. In the background, the one-thing-one-code activity is set up, including the number of red envelopes, the amount of red envelopes, the promotion area, the probability of winning, etc.; the brand and consumers are connected to achieve one-to-one interaction, reduce operating costs, and increase sales.
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