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The function description of the traceability system, the whole production process information can be recorded

by:Fullgo     2023-03-10
Traceability records a solid foundation throughout the process. Traceability systems can be connected to various devices to automate this data collection. In addition to ingredient batch information, process-specific information can also be associated with the product. Cut into the anti-counterfeiting traceability system + mobile marketing concept, while tracking the production stage and sales area of ​​goods, you can also learn about other product information of the company, which plays a role in promoting the company and accelerating the spread of the company's brand. Collect product information, the whole process can be traced back, if there is a problem, it is easy to find the cause. The function description of the traceability system records the information of a series of links such as production, sales, storage, use and maintenance of products, and shares information through the traceability system platform to serve users and regulators in all links. After seeing the corresponding detailed information, consumers scan the QR code to understand a series of information such as the production location and circulation of the product; it can realize the two-way traceability function of all batches of products from raw materials to finished products, and from finished products to raw materials. Consumers: In the face of a dazzling array of products, they can more accurately select real high-quality and reliable items; at the same time, allowing customers to view product production and processing information anytime, anywhere, but also enhance the objectivity and authenticity of traceability information. Manufacturing enterprises: Enterprises can produce the most objective and true data to prove that the products they produce have long-term excellent quality; and enterprises meet the supervision and tests of consumers and all aspects of society with an active and transparent attitude; enhance the sense of responsibility of enterprises, Improve corporate image. Quality traceability and product recall are the process of chasing the flow of finished products from front to back according to the direction of the supply chain; to trace product information, consumers can view product details by scanning the QR code on the outer packaging. The one-object-one-code traceability system establishes a traceability QR code for each product to trace the information of the entire industry chain, from raw materials to production, storage, circulation, and sales. When there is an abnormality in a product, it can quickly determine the cause, give feedback to the customer and the final consumer, recall the defective product, and reduce the loss of the enterprise itself, customers and consumers. The traceability system is based on the technical principle of one item, one code. Consumers can learn the key information of the product by scanning the traceability QR code on the product. The product is traced back, and in the event of an accident, the traceability system can be responsible for everyone, and the product in question can be recalled immediately to reduce the scope of damage. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading The significance of using the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, the whole-process quality traceability QR code product traceability system helps enterprises to comprehensively improve product quality
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