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The principle of wine anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2023-01-08
Improve the quality of product bottle caps: bottle caps are labeled, and the bottle caps are sprayed inside and outside. Color box: bottle cap labeling, color box NFC tag. Carton: Coding on the outer carton, labeling on the outer carton. Pallets: Pallet labeling, virtual labels. Anti-counterfeiting labels for wine are a necessary means. The QR code information used by products circulating in the market must be entered into the database of the system in advance, so that counterfeit and shoddy products can be completely withdrawn from the market. Products use anti-counterfeiting labels to reduce fake and shoddy products, and gain more consumers' trust in the brand. Anti-counterfeiting technology protects the brand, protects the rights and interests of consumers, maintains the brand reputation, establishes the brand image, and prevents the loss of interests. The anti-counterfeiting label on the product guarantees the reputation of the enterprise and represents the identity of the brand product. The anti-counterfeiting label can improve the grade of the brand's beverages, increase the customer's dependence on the brand, improve the reputation, curb counterfeit goods, and increase the market share of the enterprise's products. It helps to quickly verify the use of customized anti-counterfeiting labels, and paste the anti-counterfeiting code on each product, which can protect the product against counterfeiting, and also make consumers more trustworthy in the brand. Each product corresponds to an anti-counterfeiting label, which is more powerful It shows that consumers are more inclined to buy alcohol with anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting labels for drinks, attach anti-counterfeiting labels to drinks, scratch off the layer and scan the code, the QR code is the anti-counterfeiting code, which can verify the authenticity of the product. The principle of wine anti-counterfeiting label is to paste a two-dimensional code on the bottle body and bottle cap, that is, the anti-counterfeiting code. The information of the code is entered into the database in advance. After scanning the two-dimensional code, it is compared with the information in the database. , if you can find the corresponding information, it is genuine. Avoid buying counterfeit goods. Multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies make every anti-counterfeiting label not easy. Not only has the anti-counterfeiting effect good, but also can use the anti-counterfeiting traceability system for product traceability tracking, anti-smuggling control, marketing activities, data analysis and other functions. Anti-counterfeiting of branded wine has many advantages. Anti-counterfeiting labels are not only a way to protect and verify products, but also a form of expression of corporate image, which can virtually increase customer trust and protect brand reputation. The important use of anti-counterfeiting labels is to reduce fakes, check true and false, identify true and false, avoid false charge, distinguish product authenticity, and do a good job of anti-counterfeiting for brand drinks. Use anti-counterfeiting labels for drinks, and configure an anti-counterfeiting label for each product, so that consumers can quickly distinguish the true from the false and enhance the credibility of the brand.
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