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The production of product anti-counterfeiting codes increases the difficulty of counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2022-11-17
The cost of cracking down on counterfeit anti-counterfeiting signs is low, and it can also play a role in combating counterfeiting, helping merchants reduce counterfeit products. Consumers who buy products with anti-counterfeiting signs can easily identify the authenticity of goods. From this point of view, the use of anti-counterfeiting signs on products is a meaningful. Provide information for the production of anti-counterfeiting signs for brand products, and provide corresponding certification qualifications, such as: the business license, production license and other originals or copies of a series of official seals to prove that the company's products are in line with formal production licenses and demand. It can be pasted, printed, and transferred to the surface of the product. It can be pasted on the packaging of the product and the accessories with anti-counterfeiting labels. It can be used in many fields, such as cosmetics, alcohol, medicine, food, etc. Now it is the source of product anti-counterfeiting traceability The China Business Network is reliable. To protect the corporate branding, the anti-counterfeiting traceability source code of commodities is mainly made of various anti-counterfeiting technologies and suitable anti-counterfeiting materials according to the needs of customers, adding anti-counterfeiting marks to products and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of merchants and consumers. The production of product anti-counterfeiting codes can prevent brand products from being counterfeited; using QR code anti-counterfeiting technology, the anti-counterfeiting codes are randomly generated, and the produced anti-counterfeiting certificates are like the 'ID cards' of the products, and the labels correspond to the product information. There are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting technologies and materials. We can customize anti-counterfeiting labels for brand products according to the needs of merchants to ensure that each product is assigned a code. The anti-counterfeiting label is pasted on the product, and consumers can know the authenticity of the product through the verification of the anti-counterfeiting code after purchasing the product, so the label presents an anti-counterfeiting effect. Solve the problem of counterfeiting in the market. The production of anti-counterfeiting signs is based on different anti-counterfeiting technologies. Enterprises should make anti-counterfeiting signs and anti-counterfeiting labels for products to protect the brand. Through advanced digital anti-counterfeiting control, each code can only be queried once, and the encryption algorithm is used to prevent logo fraud and ensure that the query results are authentic and effective. One item, one code, the unique encryption technology makes the anti-counterfeiting code difficult to be copied and imitated in batches. The combination of physical and digital anti-counterfeiting is easy to check and has diversified expansion functions. Products with anti-counterfeiting labels can easily scan the code to check the authenticity, avoid buying fake products, and have anti-counterfeiting effects. The system generates an encrypted QR code identification, which is easy to identify and cannot be copied. By attaching an anti-counterfeiting label to each product, consumers can check the authenticity and enhance their trust in the brand. The principle of anti-counterfeiting labels, the system is stable, the anti-counterfeiting technology of double encryption, the label cannot be forged, the threshold is raised.
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