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The production process of the anti-counterfeiting label factory

by:Fullgo     2023-02-26
The emergence of anti-counterfeiting label factories has played a deterrent role in combating improper market competition. A professional anti-counterfeiting label factory can not only satisfy customers in the design process, but also the production process of each of its anti-counterfeiting label products should comply with legal norms. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels by the anti-counterfeiting label factory needs to go through the following three steps: 1. Verification of enterprise qualifications Enterprises should provide enterprise qualification certification documents, such as: company business license, tax registration certificate, trademark registration certificate, production license, etc., with official seals. By verifying the qualification of the company, it can be determined whether the company's technology patent intellectual property rights are legal. 2. Enterprises providing design products need to provide the anti-counterfeiting label factory with the trademark pattern and enterprise name of the enterprise brand. The anti-counterfeiting label factory will design a variety of anti-counterfeiting labels that satisfy the enterprise for customers to choose according to the customer's anti-counterfeiting technical requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels, product packaging, and preliminary expected design effects. Then, sign off to confirm the design draft. 3. Signing an anti-counterfeiting agreement After the enterprise selects the anti-counterfeiting label design product, the enterprise also needs to sign an anti-counterfeiting label production entrustment agreement and a network access contract with the anti-counterfeiting label factory. Official seal. Signing an anti-counterfeiting agreement has once again built a line of defense that protects the legitimate interests of the company. The rigorous and standardized production process ensures that the technical patents of an enterprise are protected. This is the first powerful protection for the legitimate interests of the enterprise before the anti-counterfeiting label takes effect. Therefore, choosing a reputable anti-counterfeiting label factory, following the company's relevant regulations, and making the production of each anti-counterfeiting label comply with the standardized process, this is not only the protection of the enterprise itself, but also a powerful move to create a good market atmosphere. .
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