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The quality of agricultural products can be traced back, and each link is managed

by:Fullgo     2022-11-08
Quality Control The quality traceability system of agricultural products ensures the quality of agricultural products and serves the development of the industry. Each agricultural product is affixed with an exclusive identity code, and an agricultural product traceability file is established to ensure the traceability of each agricultural product. The establishment of a quality traceability system for agricultural products enables consumers to easily and quickly view the entire process of agricultural products from sowing to harvesting, such as scanning QR codes, barcodes, text messages, phone calls, and online inquiries. Traceability of the quality of agricultural products, build a traceability system for agricultural products, accelerate the process of standardization of agricultural products, and establish standards for the entire industry chain covering planting, fertilization, processing, packaging, sales, etc., to provide a strong guarantee for the quality of agricultural products. Supervising the construction of agricultural product quality traceability system in each link provides scientific and technological support for enterprise management, promotes enterprise brand building, and lays a solid foundation for promoting high-quality agricultural development. The traceability system can record and store various relevant information in the process of agricultural production, processing, and sales; it can query and certify products on the Internet through the food number, and trace the relevant information of each link. With the help of the agricultural product traceability system, through effective supervision, the self-management level and service quality of agricultural product production enterprises have been greatly improved, the industry image has been improved, and the industry has played an important role in promoting the healthy development of the industry. Establish a whole-process traceability coordination mechanism for agricultural product quality, take responsibility subject and flow management as the core, and use traceability code as the carrier to promote the connection between traceability management and market access, and realize the traceability management of agricultural products from planting to stores throughout the process. The quality control of the production process involves multiple links such as the origin, processing, transportation, wholesale, and sales of agricultural products, which is helpful for product quality control, and can also immediately recall problematic products if necessary. Create high-quality, well-known and marketable agricultural product brands, and enhance the visibility and influence of agricultural products. The visual traceability system realizes the seamless connection of the whole process from planting, breeding and production to market sales supervision and the whole chain, and effectively strengthens the quality control of edible agricultural products. The system integrates consumer services, traceability source query, agricultural product inspection reports and other functions to build an interconnected and shared agricultural product quality traceability system to ensure the quality of agricultural products. In the whole process from planting to sales, consumers scan the QR code on their mobile phones for traceability of agricultural products, providing customers with transparent product information. Using the agricultural product traceability system, the whole process of supervision from the source of the product to the processing and circulation process is realized, which ensures that consumers can buy assured products and prevents fake and shoddy agricultural products from entering the market. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the QR code of the traceability code, monitor the milk powder traceability code throughout the process, and grasp the product information in real time
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