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The quality traceability of agricultural products will realize the management of 'one network' - Industry Information - Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-09
In order to speed up the construction of a whole-process quality control mechanism for edible agricultural products from the place of origin to the dining table, Yixing City will comprehensively promote the implementation of electronic traceability management for agricultural product production and operation entities above designated size, and implement the city's edible agricultural product quality traceability 'one network' management. Recently, the Yixing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs formulated the 'Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Carrying out the Quality and Safety Traceability Management of Agricultural Products', requiring the city's green food, organic agricultural products, geographical indication agricultural products certification bodies and users of national geographical indications, before the end of July 2019, Take the lead in using the national agricultural product quality and safety traceability management information platform for traceability management; the remaining industrial and commercial registered agricultural enterprises, farmers' professional cooperatives, family farms and other edible agricultural product production and operation entities and their products will fully promote electronic traceability management before 2020, and It is planned that before 2022, a group of large planters and their products with good basic conditions will be developed using the Jiangsu Agricultural Product Quality Traceability Platform for traceability management. In the future, the electronic traceability management of agricultural products will be used as a prerequisite for agricultural leading enterprises, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural brand selection, and financial support for the selection and establishment of edible agricultural products production projects and related evaluations, and as an important assessment content for the credit rating of farmers' cooperatives. . At the same time, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other management departments will increase the inspection of the production and operation entities of edible agricultural products, focusing on the relevant units that have not implemented electronic traceability management. (Source: People's Daily Online to Yixing Daily)
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