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The significance of the brand authorization control system to achieve full chain management

by:Fullgo     2022-11-03
Develop IP business value IP authorization management system, allowing users to easily develop and manage IP authorization services, provide one-stop IP online authorization management, and a number of anti-counterfeiting patents to escort enterprise IP. After consumers buy IP products, they can scan the code to verify their authenticity. The IP label management and control product system will mark the product as sold, and through the presentation of one-stop IP authorization anti-counterfeiting traceability management and control, it helps IP enterprises to realize the whole process management. IP derivative anti-counterfeiting label control, provide online authorization management, and optimize the authorization management process. The significance of the brand authorization management and control system enables users to easily execute and manage IP authorization services, realize the full chain connection between knowledge IP parties, brand parties, distributors, and consumers, and IP authorization management solves derivatives traceability, authorization, and anti-counterfeiting. , copyright protection, etc. Delicate authorization management and control provides vertical application solutions such as brand anti-counterfeiting authorization management, agent purchase, agent referral, rebate management, quality traceability, channel control, and precise interaction based on one product and one code. Real-time tracking of sales can also enable IP companies to easily paint consumer portraits based on big data, understand consumer characteristics, and use first-hand market data to provide a decision-making basis for the next stage of authorization management. Maximize the value of the copyright owner, and at the same time efficiently manage and control the product distribution of the anti-counterfeiting licensor, and realize the realization management of the copyright owner according to the amount of code issued for one thing and one code. Authorization management system, the label carries more than 30 physical anti-counterfeiting technologies, and the anti-counterfeiting code cannot be cracked repeatedly. The visual system management IP derivatives authorization labels have unique identities. Consumers can check IP derivatives information in a timely manner and interact with enterprises to enhance their trust in copyright owners. Scan the code to check the authenticity of the product, introduction information, and promotion information, receive points and red envelopes, and directly motivate key people and consumers to achieve accurate access. In the way of one item, one code and two-dimensional code, it can realize the management of IP derivatives, IP two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability and sales records, and realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability authorization management of IP enterprises. Manage licensors in the IP industry, establish licensor authorization pools, and accurately control authorization information. The anti-counterfeiting code of IP authorization management is encrypted many times to ensure that it will not be copied and cracked, so as to achieve truly safe and secure IP authorization management anti-counterfeiting. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the role of anti-counterfeiting labels, improve brand image and promise brand authorization control labels, one-stop IP online authorization management
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