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The traceability system can realize product traceability and quality traceability informatization

by:Fullgo     2022-12-15
Information transparency realizes that each product has a unique product number, and data collection and tracking are carried out in the links of product suppliers, raw materials, production, warehousing, sales, market inspection and consumption. Realize product tracking and safety monitoring and management functions to ensure that high-quality products are provided to customers. Consumers can quickly obtain product-related information, including: distribution companies, origins, processing companies, etc., by scanning the traceability label. Buy with confidence. Problem traceability: With the product traceability system, each product has its own identity information. By scanning the code, you can know the origin of the product, production time and other information. If there is a problem in the process, you can trace the origin of the product in time. It is convenient to take measures in a timely manner to avoid losses to the greatest extent. The traceability system to ensure product quality mainly refers to the fact that in the process of product circulation, the entire process information is recorded, and the source can be found from a certain link, so that the entire process can be monitored and controlled. The product traceability system realizes the traceability of the whole life cycle information of product production and processing, packaging and warehousing, channel logistics, terminal sales, etc. The traceability system can realize product traceability, control and traceability of each process, and go through all aspects of supplier materials, material delivery, production process, quality control, product delivery and after-sales service. Enterprises can also use the quality traceability system platform as their own certification certificates to provide evidence to regulatory authorities or the public to achieve self-protection, safeguard their own interests and reputation, avoid product problems from the source, and distinguish responsibilities. The full-process tracking management of the whole process of traceability of product production not only strengthens the quality management of enterprises, reduces the cost of error correction, but also facilitates enterprises to collect commodity information, understand the consumption situation, and improve the ability to respond quickly. The traceability management system integrates communication technology and has the characteristics of simple operation, real-time data, positive and negative traceability, and visual Kanban management. It is imperative for food companies to do a good job in product traceability, improve corporate brand reputation, and regain consumer trust. Traceability: The quality inspection report allows consumers to buy with confidence, and the human (object) + process allows consumers to form cognitive traceability and assist enterprises to create product value. By scanning the code on your mobile phone, you can see the product variety, production and processing time, quality inspection report, finished product date, warehouse, logistics, shelf life and other information.
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