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The traceability system is applied to the product, giving the product one item and one code identification

by:Fullgo     2022-11-04
Establish a product data traceability system from the source of the production end By establishing a whole-process quality traceability system from raw material management, product transportation, raw and auxiliary material management, production and processing, quality control, warehousing management, distribution channels, and consumer management to achieve two-way product traceability (ie Tracking: from raw materials to products, traceability: from products to raw materials) management. The application of the traceability system to products can improve the transparency of all aspects of production, increase the sales of enterprise brand products, and enhance consumer confidence; from raw material acquisition to sales, all links are traceable and managed, and each process is controlled in real time to ensure product quality; timely; Respond to quality problems, track product history, and improve product quality. Each link retrospectively monitors the product traceability system, collects, processes and transmits the data of each link, improves the enterprise's own database, and makes each circulation link of the product transparent and queried. Based on one item, one code, various solutions are customized for enterprises, and the whole process of traceability and management from raw materials, production and feeding, production and packaging, warehousing and logistics, and markets is realized, and digital and intelligent management is realized for enterprises. It can support data collection methods such as QR code scanning and RFID tag reading, and has data recognition and processing functions such as QR code reading, data communication, data storage, etc., which can reduce the time for manual active information collection and greatly save manpower and material resources. , financial resources, rapid data collection and recording, improve management efficiency, and realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling traceability and other functions. Help enterprises to achieve lean production and establish a traceability system, assist brand owners to deal with various problems of smuggling, and realize enterprise brand protection, quality traceability, digital coding, digital channels, digital marketing, and data insight. Product full-cycle management and control information services. The establishment of a traceability system based on the key technologies of product traceability realizes the standardization of the collection, processing, transmission and application of traceability information, and realizes the sharing and exchange of information among the members of the product supply chain and between the product supply chains. Record all the detailed information of the product, and consumers recognize the traceability of the product information; consumers scan the QR code to understand a series of information such as the production location and circulation of the product, and the traceability is completed. The product traceability system runs through the entire process of enterprise management to achieve product source quality control; the entire process of product production, acquisition, sales, and consumption can be traced.
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