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The traceability system of agricultural products is used to promote the healthy development of the brand

by:Fullgo     2022-12-22
Improve traceability and carry out product traceability management will help strengthen service, industry self-discipline and consumer supervision mechanisms, improve the ability to guarantee sales links, promote the healthy development of the industry, and make consumers feel at ease. The traceability of agricultural products effectively tracks, monitors and manages the whole process of each link, and tracks the information of the whole process of production traceability. Consumers can get the full cycle information of the product when they query the information, thereby improving shopping confidence and repurchase rate. The input workload is greatly reduced, and the consumer display interface has been optimized, and the supervision has been optimized and upgraded. The agricultural product application traceability system, a complete set of industry supply chain management system, the enterprise independently controls the entire production, packaging, sales and other links. Realize the management of all aspects of the product with one item and one code, so as to produce high-quality products, and make and generate traceable labels to provide consumers with product information. Extend the traceability chain information to the planting link, and establish a full-cycle traceability chain of edible agricultural products by connecting systems with manufacturing enterprises, sharing data, and opening up information sharing. The concept of total quality management is newly introduced, and quality control management is carried out in all aspects, including production environment management, production process management, production supply chain management, anti-counterfeiting code one object one code management, quality inspection management and many other aspects. Comprehensive evaluation and analysis of agricultural products and production enterprises to meet the requirements of enterprise management and government supervision. The data collection, tracking and monitoring agricultural product quality traceability system realizes the whole process traceability and truly realizes the traceability mode from production to consumption and sales. Unify data specifications such as product name and unit weight, connect to the system, share data, and effectively support the supervision department in the whole chain supervision of agricultural product information traceability from the source to the store. Standardize the upload of production records, implement the responsibility of the first responsible person for product traceability, and supervise production entities whose traceability information is lagging behind in the form of text messages, telephone notifications and system reminders. Comprehensively explore the information-based traceability management, realize the traceability of quality and safety sources, traceability of whereabouts, and accountability, effectively improve the level of quality assurance, and facilitate the standardized management of product production. The information on the traceability of agricultural products from product production to sales is clearly visible, and consumers are more assured.
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