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The two-dimensional code traceability system makes the whole chain of product data run through

by:Fullgo     2023-02-02
Protect corporate reputation Customers can scan the whole process of commodity production and circulation, including: commodity raw materials, production date, batch, logistics and other data, so as to ensure production records for enterprises, quality traceability, and product recall , to achieve traceability (traceability) digitization, improve product brand image and market circulation management. The products produced by the enterprise, the basic information of the source of purchase, the manufacturing process, the raw materials used for production and purchase, the information of packaging, the geographical data of sales, etc. After the basic database is formed, the products can be displayed by scanning the QR code. Various information such as production, processing, sales, inspection, etc., promote consumers to be more assured and recognized. In the whole process of quality control, consumers can inquire a series of traceability information such as product name, manufacturer's name, unit identification code, production batch, logistics information, etc. by scanning the QR code on the package. Product traceability system, strengthen supply chain execution management, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, retrospective recall, traceability management, flow management, channel management, product management, terminal marketing, big data application, etc. You can inquire about product origin information, production enterprise information, product inspection information, transaction information and other related information, realize information traceability between pre-production and terminal consumption, and have a clearer understanding of the company's products. The product traceability system realizes the two-way traceability of products (that is, traceability: from raw materials to products) ; Traceability: from product to raw material) management mechanism. Provide the public with product traceability information to query the whole process of tracking and traceability: product coding - production line transformation - channel circulation - market inspection and anti-counterfeiting - marketing activities - big data analysis. Comprehensive traceability: product tracking and traceability throughout the entire process, all categories, all user groups, and all application scenarios. The two-dimensional code traceability system realizes the management of enterprise production + circulation + sales through one item and one code, with the help of Internet of Things technology and mobile Internet technology. Scanning the whole process of traceability: Consumers can view the entire process of product production and sales by scanning the product traceability QR code. The product traceability system automatically records, marks, and analyzes various data of production and operation activities, so that enterprises can obtain real-time observation of the entire supply chain network, so as to realize the whole process of traceability from the entry of raw materials, product production, commercial distribution, logistics transportation, and terminal sales. visualization. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Food traceability, providing a reliable source of food information One item one code product whole process trusted traceability system, products can be used with confidence
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