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The use of tea anti-counterfeiting labels, multiple anti-counterfeiting functions

by:Fullgo     2022-10-10
Suppress fake and shoddy brand tea for anti-counterfeiting, and use anti-counterfeiting labels to quickly identify genuine and fake products, build brand image, reduce counterfeit goods, increase product sales, and increase brand awareness. Reduce fake and shoddy products, make it easy to identify genuine and fake products, protect business reputation, protect consumers' legitimate rights and interests, and increase product sales. Formulate anti-counterfeiting plans, design and print anti-counterfeiting labels, and assign codes to each piece of tea, so as to achieve anti-counterfeiting intentions. Advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels, suitable for sticking materials, label viscosity, glue, no wrinkles, no warping. The text and color of the scratched layer changes with the angle for a more upscale look. Friction-resistant, damage-resistant, and not easy to wear during transportation. Label scratches leave no residue and won't contaminate fingers or labels. The anti-counterfeiting label is difficult to copy and forge, and it allows users to quickly and accurately identify it. It has advantages in product anti-counterfeiting, authenticity checking, and anti-counterfeiting. Tea uses anti-counterfeiting labels to maintain the company's image and reputation, and enhance customers' determination to buy products. Once uncovered, it will be damaged and cannot be restored, and it has the function of preventing transfer. Tailor-made anti-counterfeiting technology solutions and product anti-counterfeiting labels are pasted on the outer packaging of tea, and mobile phone scanning can easily identify the authenticity of goods, effectively reducing counterfeiting and shoddy. The use of tea anti-counterfeiting labels can easily check the authenticity of products, identify the company of the purchased products, increase product sales, avoid buying fake products, attract consumers' attention, and gain more consumers' trust in brand products. The enterprise effectively enhances the brand's grade and carries out brand promotion and publicity. The anti-counterfeiting label technology for improving brand credibility has barriers such as technical thresholds, scale thresholds, equipment thresholds, and process thresholds, and cannot be copied or imitated by itself. By scanning the anti-counterfeiting code on the product, consumers can clearly understand the authenticity of the product, the source of the product and other information, so that the authentic brand can be managed formally. The anti-counterfeiting code contains extremely high anti-counterfeiting performance. It is processed through multiple complex processes using random principles and a number of mature technologies, and counterfeiters cannot fake it. It can help enterprises to achieve effective anti-counterfeiting and reduce the disruption of the market by fake products. Through anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-counterfeiting labels can be made and pasted on the outer packaging of commodities to verify genuine and fake products. Use anti-counterfeiting labels to safeguard corporate interests, establish brand image, and protect consumer rights. An important purpose of the design and use of anti-counterfeiting labels by enterprises is to reduce counterfeit goods and check the authenticity.
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