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The value of building a traceability system? Information management

by:Fullgo     2022-10-22
Bring greater convenience Use the mobile phone scan code function to handle picking and out of warehouse, scan the QR code on the product logo, and display the raw material code, raw material name, raw material batch, weight, storage time, quality status and other information in real time. Each product is given a unique QR code, and consumers can scan the QR code to display the real information of the product, product authenticity, distribution logistics, corporate information, etc., that is, they can know the whole picture of the product anytime, anywhere. The value of building a traceability system? Answer: Establish visual product files, fully display product quality information to consumers, and achieve two-way traceability from production to sales. Raw material traceability refers to the production of raw materials by tracing products to ensure reliable product quality. The high-quality intelligent traceability system adopts software and hardware system integration technologies such as traceability system, automatic coding equipment, industrial control, intelligent visual recognition, and defective rejection to establish one item, one code for each commodity. The traceability system provides completely clear management capabilities in the supply chain, ensures visual control, monitoring and traceability of products, and can recall problematic products to enhance brand reputation and value. Establish a product quality traceability system to realize source and destination inquiry and clear accountability. It can guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the factory, crack down on counterfeiting and other acts, and can make the products produced to meet customer satisfaction. The value of the product use traceability system is reflected. In the processing link, according to the batch number traced from the raw material acquisition link, the establishment of the product from entering the factory, testing, processing, packaging, etc., followed by each batch number to carry out the whole process of tracking and information collection. Each processed product will be given a QR code label with the corresponding batch number, and the QR code label information can be traced back to realize the information traceability management of the processing link. Knowing the source process of the entire product gives each category a unique identity, forming raw materials, production, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, terminal full-chain closed-loop management, and key data collection. After purchasing a product with a traceability code, consumers can verify the quality, source, circulation, inspection, sales and other information of the product by scanning the traceability code on the package. Covering the processing and testing processes are strictly included in the QR code traceability system. Consumers can scan the code and enter the traceability page to see the corresponding detailed records, which are true and detailed. Active display of information: Implement control of product inventory and dynamically display early warning information, which is conducive to rapid decision-making by enterprises. Refine the production process to each control point, clarify the responsibilities of each link, and record the completion of production.
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