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The value of the two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system, monitoring the product circulation link

by:Fullgo     2022-12-24
Automatic data collection of outbound and inbound data Accurate collection of product outbound automation data collection to ensure that enterprises grasp the direction of product flow in a timely manner, monitor the data of the entire product process, set product sales areas in the background of the one-item-one-code anti-smuggling system, and define product logistics identity The logistics information corresponding to the code is used to solve the problem of smuggling. After entering the logistics stage, use the handheld terminal scanning device to scan the QR code on the outer packaging of the corresponding product, complete the operations such as outbound, inbound, and warehouse transfer, and upload the data to the server, which can be used in the anti-smuggling management system. Query the circulation trend of products, and can query the product inventory information of each warehouse. Data management by region Enterprises can manage the production process and supply chain through the digital association of product single products, medium boxes and large boxes, master the flow of products, prevent dealers from smuggling goods, and can also realize product recalls under special circumstances. . By scanning and collecting the information on the QR code of the product, the anti-smuggling system can send data information on related commodities, logistics, sales, etc. to the merchant, and record the detailed information of logistics operations, so as to analyze the logistics information for product anti-smuggling and query. Provide the data base. The QR code on the product sold in the terminal store is checked for anti-smuggling, and the inspection result will display the corresponding distribution location of the product, so that it can be judged whether the product is smuggled. The value of the QR code anti-smuggling system can realize real-time transparent inventory of headquarters and distributors, and the headquarters can understand the inventory of distributors in real time, and distribute online orders to distributors and stores conveniently and efficiently, achieving a win-win situation! The system will automatically send a smuggling alarm and use the QR code anti-smuggling management system to manage and control dealers at all levels, solve the problem of smuggling, prevent price disorder, enhance brand awareness, retain high-quality agents, and increase product sales. Brand owners can check the relevant information of the product at any time. If there is smuggling, the system will automatically prompt to inform the company which batch of goods and in which region the smuggling occurs, so that the company can deal with the corresponding dealers based on this information. . The two-dimensional code can record product information and logistics information, and can also collect consumer scan code location information. By giving each product unique digital identity information, enterprises or dealers can store time, digital identity information will be added to logistics information and digital identity information. Geographic information, realize product logistics management, and provide relevant data to market inspectors. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading FMCG anti-smuggling management system solution to achieve the purpose of anti-smuggling early warning The anti-smuggling system can track individual commodities and standardize the sales system in the region
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