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The whole process is digitally traced, and the whole process information is completely transparently displayed

by:Fullgo     2022-11-11
The refined management of each link establishes a full-link traceability system for products from raw materials entering the factory, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption through the product identification code, so that every link of the product from raw materials to consumers Visible and controllable, improve the efficiency of traceability management and brand value of enterprises. The main use of the traceability system is to ensure product quality and improve product quality; quality inspection reports show the production qualifications and inspection reports of enterprises to ensure product quality. Realize the collection, tracking and monitoring of products from raw material supply to terminal consumption, product traceability information collection, information transmission, information processing and information query. Record the whole process of traceability and traceable information input, and control each link; the quality inspection report allows consumers to buy with confidence, and the human (object) process allows consumers to form cognitive traceability and help enterprises create product value; the application of the traceability system meets the needs of national policies, Customized digital marketing solutions to make traceable marketing more in line with corporate needs. The entire product cycle can be traced, and historical information can be viewed. From raw material procurement to sales, product information is collected and entered in real time, and a QR code traceable label is generated. The traceable label corresponding to the product contains product details. The whole process is digitally traced, and each product has its own traceability label. Later, you can scan the traceability code to understand product information, track product flow, and achieve product traceability management. The core of realizing the digitization of quality control channels in the production process is to establish a win-win situation between brand owners and distributors. Through data collection such as logistics nodes, distributors' inventory, and sales, it helps enterprises to accurately control the flow of products and optimize the market distribution plan. , establish a benign price system. The whole process of product use is digitally traced to achieve real-time supervision and management of each link, and the detailed information is entered into the QR code label, which is convenient for regulatory authorities and consumers to scan the code to query product information. Consumers can trace product information by scanning the traceability QR code, and can view product information, processing information, process information, etc.; production management, quality management, and business decision-making departments jointly supervise and control, thereby improving product quality. The whole process is digitally traced, and technologies such as industrial automation, intelligent identification, multiple information encryption, and software and hardware system integration are used to assign unique identity codes to products, and to assign codes to production site operations. The information is clear at a glance, and various problems can be flexibly handled.
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