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The whole process of intelligent traceability reflects the standardization of manufacturing enterprises

by:Fullgo     2022-11-10
Ensure objectivity and authenticity to achieve process control and traceability of each process, through all links of supplier materials, material delivery, production process, quality control, product delivery and after-sales service. The anti-smuggling channel management and control module of China Business Network can provide professional advice in all aspects of the enterprise supply chain, and set up system interfaces to achieve seamless connection with enterprise ERP, CRM and other systems to form an ecosystem. Based on a variety of Internet of Things technologies and tools such as one object, one code, and big data, the product is given a unique ID through one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, RFID, etc., through the product: raw materials, production, processing, storage, logistics, marketing Data collection and tracking are carried out in other links, so as to realize the full life cycle management of products in the raw material supply link, production link, circulation link, sales link and service link. All aspects of supervision and management ensure accurate management and control of all aspects of the enterprise user supply chain, forming a data system that can be inquired, traceable, recalled, and supervised and managed by government regulatory authorities. The whole process of intelligent traceability runs through the enterprise from raw material procurement, processing and packaging, logistics and circulation. The key information of each link of the enterprise can be recorded and transmitted to the central database through the system, forming data for query, traceability and recall. A system that uses two-dimensional code technology to identify, track and trace commodities. By pasting or printing unique traceability source labels on commodity packaging, computer automatic identification technology is used to compare the logistics and production information of commodities with the data in the database. Comparative analysis to achieve product traceability. Full-chain closed-loop management and key data collection Enterprise side: realize internal management, traceability and emergency recall; strengthen brand image; provide data support for marketing and decision-making. Government side: The rigorous software control system comprehensively analyzes possible problems, and has been comprehensively considered in the early stage of design, and all fault-tolerant solutions are reserved to ensure accurate data association. Consumer side: trace product information, make purchases more assured, and enhance trust in brands. Use the QR code traceability label to manage products, and consumers can also query product information through the QR code traceability label. The professional supporting team adopts internationally renowned scanning and coding equipment, and participates in the whole process of equipment commissioning and installation, equipment operation testing, and regular equipment maintenance to ensure accurate and stable data association. Can meet the government's law enforcement and regulatory requirements. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading traceability plan, so as to display the quality traceability of dog food in detail, and visualize the traceability control of the whole process
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