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The whole process of quality traceability, improve the enterprise's own database

by:Fullgo     2022-12-22
Establishing a traceability database for all content product quality traceability can help enterprises to strengthen quality management, reduce error correction costs, and improve rapid response capabilities. Through the one-object-one-code technology, a whole-process quality traceability system has been established, forming a whole-process intelligent application from the beginning of production traceability to product design, process, manufacturing, testing, logistics and other production cycles and links. Quality traceability means that in the whole process of product production, every time a process or a job is completed, its corresponding quality inspection results, existing problems, operators, inspectors, and corresponding man-machine material information, quality analysis information When necessary, it is easy to trace the source of quality problems, so that the responsibilities are clearly defined and the investigation and punishment are well-documented. The whole process of production and circulation is transparent to realize the digitization, informatization, intelligent integration and coordination of the whole business; through the creation of intelligent traceability of the whole process, the traceability of intelligent products in the whole process is realized. The product quality traceability system attaches a traceability label to the product by using the one-item-one-code technology, records various information of the product through the quality traceability system, can control the source of the product, and strengthen the quality and safety management of the production and circulation process. After purchasing a product, the user can directly scan the QR code on the product package to check the authenticity of the product, and can also trace a series of detailed information about the product, including: production, packaging, warehousing, and the details of the whole process of distributors. In this way, the information Transparency is more conducive to enhancing consumer trust and making users believe in products. A complete product traceability system that records various product information includes the following aspects: relevant information of the manufacturer and its product management, risk warning, etc. Strengthen the quality control ability of the circulation link, greatly reduce the problems in the intermediate link, standardize the product market, and promote the sustainable development of the product brand. Focusing on the standard sorting work, regularly conduct inquiry and supervision through product standards and analysis method standards, and conduct real-time traceability of the company's products according to market feedback. In order to improve product quality, companies in various industries have begun to use traceability systems to standardize product standard production management to ensure that products have standard timeliness and effectiveness. The quality traceability system can collect and record information on production, circulation, consumption and other links, so that the source can be traced, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated, which will promote the formation of a good situation of daring, willing, and assured consumption. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Commodity QR code traceability, reasonable traceability solutions Traceability system solutions to improve product quality and service quality
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