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by:Fullgo     2023-02-06
Anti-counterfeiting labels (handled by the Consumer Anti-counterfeiting Code Inquiry Center), also known as anti-counterfeiting labels or anti-counterfeiting labels, are a type of self-adhesive products that can be pasted, printed, and transferred to the surface of items, or to the packaging of items, or to On the accessories of the item (such as commodity listings, business cards and anti-counterfeiting cards), there are signs with anti-counterfeiting functions. The anti-counterfeiting features and identification methods of anti-counterfeiting signs are the soul of anti-counterfeiting signs. Anti-counterfeiting label is one of the anti-counterfeiting technology products. Anti-counterfeiting believes that when the product leaves the factory, it should follow the eight technical requirements that the anti-counterfeiting label follows when leaving the factory: 1. Uniqueness of identity: the uniqueness and non-transferability of the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products . 2. Stable period: Under normal use conditions, the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products can be maintained for a short period of time. 3. Anti-counterfeiting strength: the persistence and reliability of the function of identifying authenticity and preventing counterfeiting. 4. Safety period: under normal conditions of use, the short period of time during which the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products are successfully copied. This is what the customer is more concerned about, and the manufacturer should propose a commitment period. 5. Use adaptability: the ability of the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products to adapt to the use requirements of the subject matter or service object. 6. Recognition performance: The anti-counterfeiting labels of anti-counterfeiting technology products can be correctly identified by senses or machines (instruments) within the required identification time. 7. Use environment requirements: The anti-counterfeiting performance of anti-counterfeiting technology products should meet the normal use environment requirements of markers. 8. Technical security and confidentiality: The technology for designing and producing anti-counterfeiting technology products should be secure and confidential. In addition, the adaptability of economic cost should also be considered, that is, the cost of use should be reduced as much as possible while meeting the requirements of anti-counterfeiting technology. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels on products can help the company establish a good external image, improve the company's reputation, ensure the rights and interests of consumers, and reflect the company's integrity image. In addition, it can prevent product counterfeiting, easily check the authenticity of products, and protect the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers. Anti-counterfeiting labels have been successfully used in many industries, and can customize exclusive anti-counterfeiting labels and anti-counterfeiting systems for enterprises.
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