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Ticket anti-counterfeiting production, high-quality raw materials

by:Fullgo     2022-12-14
The naked eye can identify the authenticity of anti-counterfeiting tickets, and tickets cannot be forged, allowing buyers to easily identify, stable anti-counterfeiting performance, low cost of use, and high technical advantages. Anti-counterfeiting labels can also add personalized related information, such as: ticket usage time, seat information, performance process, etc., making each ticket more unique. It allows users to quickly verify the authenticity and avoid buying fake tickets, and the organizer can also use the data statistics system of anti-counterfeit tickets to timely and accurately understand the passenger flow data, which is convenient for management personnel to conduct statistical analysis. Anti-counterfeiting technology all comes from money, banknotes are the most advanced and most advanced products using anti-counterfeiting technology, and anti-counterfeiting tickets are adding many anti-counterfeiting technologies to ordinary tickets, so that tickets have anti-counterfeiting effect. Give the ticket data value to make anti-counterfeiting tickets, anti-counterfeiting admission tickets, anti-counterfeiting certificates, anti-counterfeiting water tickets, anti-counterfeiting vouchers, anti-counterfeiting coupons, anti-counterfeiting delivery vouchers, and anti-counterfeiting bills of lading. Ticket printing, sales, ticket checking and statistics can be completed, automatically completed, fast and convenient, saving time and manpower. Ticket anti-counterfeiting is difficult to forge, customers can easily identify, strong anti-counterfeiting performance, and high cost of use. Ticket anti-counterfeiting means are anti-counterfeiting technologies based on special materials, special equipment, and special processes, such as: anti-counterfeiting paper, customized pattern colors, special inks, watermarks, codes, etc., which belong to anti-counterfeiting technologies. Ticket anti-counterfeiting can also use digital anti-counterfeiting technology, such as: two-dimensional code, barcode, etc. Combining various anti-counterfeiting technologies in products of various industries, the anti-counterfeiting tickets produced can completely eliminate fake tickets and counterfeit tickets. According to the actual needs of customers, there are two ways to restore the original color and not restore it. The detection method is simple, the anti-counterfeiting effect is intuitive, and it has strong anti-counterfeiting performance. Ticket anti-counterfeiting production, anti-counterfeiting admission tickets can be used in activities, attractions, concerts in various industries, as long as the whistleblower has anti-counterfeiting needs, they can customize exclusive anti-counterfeiting tickets. Tickets are printed with special chemical ink. When the surface temperature of anti-counterfeiting tickets reaches a certain height, the color will change. According to the different needs of the management party, there are two ways to restore the original color and not restore. The detection method is simple, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is intuitive. Strong anti-counterfeiting performance.
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