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Traceability code QR code, full monitoring

by:Fullgo     2023-01-09
The source can be checked with the anti-smuggling traceability system, which manages the flow of products, realizes anti-smuggling, dealer management, and online and offline store management. Under different algorithms, abnormal situations can be alerted and notified to managers in a timely manner. Product record: After each product is produced, print a two-dimensional code to record the production information of each product; most products are packed in batches, and each packing is marked with a traceable two-dimensional code. The information in the two-dimensional code is Gradually input, and then track the QR code, which can be associated with products from small to large. Traceable logistics management: There are many forms of product circulation, and logistics must be indispensable. The products distributed by the QR code traceability system are recorded, and the time, place, consignee, and transportation of the product can be seen in the follow-up. Information such as time, whether it is smuggled, etc. The two-dimensional code traceability system can be directly built, and the generated two-dimensional code data package can be digitally printed and directly sprayed on the product and packaging to achieve product raw material traceability, production management, quality inspection report upload, circulation traceability, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, terminal marketing and other functions. Build a traceability system for the product, generate a QR code of the traceability code through the system, and paste the label on the product. Consumers can view the product information in each link by scanning the QR code logo, understand the product details, and ensure that consumers have enough of the brand products. of trust. Responsibility can give each product an independent identity. When there is a problem with the product, it can realize source traceability, flow inquiry, risk prevention, accountability, and product recall. The two-dimensional code traceability system can realize the construction of industrial chains such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling, quality traceability, and one thing, strengthen circulation management, help enterprises increase harvests, and ensure product quality. Use the QR code traceability system to add a traceability code to each product, and then combine the QR code system to generate a QR code that is easy to scan and identify, allowing consumers to scan the code to understand the information conveniently and quickly. The traceability system uses the QR code as the carrier to combine with marketing, so as to increase the brand value of the product, and at the same time provide a fast and stable product traceability platform for this industry. Traceability, that is, the ability to identify the source of one or a group of specific commodities from consumption, circulation to production, that is, reverse traceability.
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