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Traceability management system to complete the empowerment of one thing and one code

by:Fullgo     2022-10-18
Intelligent traceability products from scratch to supply and marketing use the whole process of traceability, the entire process of production, supply and marketing information traceability, layer-by-level appraisal and audit, cannot be forged, information is fair and transparent, and cannot be tampered with, effectively controlling the quality of goods. Lean production process quality management allows the information of key links of production and processing to be uploaded to the cloud and chain. Once a problem occurs, it can be quickly recalled, so that the source can be traced, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be held. Help marketing, reach consumers accurately, build a digital bridge between enterprises and users, depict user portraits, enhance brand awareness and market competitiveness, increase product sales, and increase the repurchase rate. Provide transparent product information that can be traced back. After purchasing, consumers can understand the information of the product more transparently. When the product has quality problems, the complete traceability chain makes it possible to safeguard rights. Commodity traceability system, enterprises have the market demand to quickly establish traceability characteristics, and the traceability management system has strong traceability authenticity and credibility, helping enterprises to rapidly expand the market, accumulate customer resources, and easily sell goods. One item, one certificate and one code are stored and cannot be tampered with; quality problems can be traced to the source and can be traced back and forth; consumers can buy and use with confidence, and the terminal can scan the code to trace the source, which is efficient, convenient and timely, and the shopping experience is further improved . Traceability management system, in the process of product production, can collect product data information and form product traceability files in important links, so as to form product information monitoring from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation. Let one item, one code generate greater value. Users can scan the QR code on the product packaging with their mobile phone, and then quickly view the traceability file information of the product from production, processing and inspection to packaging and logistics through pictures, text, and real-time video. Through the traceability code, you can trace a series of numbers on the label, and the traceability label is printed with the traceability function. The traceability code is unique and of the same batch, so the additional anti-counterfeiting function is absolutely unique, so , the traceability label becomes the key to the entire traceability system. Develop a traceability platform, which can manage and control from registration, code scanning, anti-counterfeiting, information upload, etc., to achieve real-time information update, rapid identification of QR code, etc., effectively collect traceability data, and quickly query the record through QR code terminal equipment The legality of the product guarantees the production, transportation and sales of the product. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product tracking and traceability, the meaning of whole-process traceability control and anti-counterfeiting traceability, product information is transparent and can be checked
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