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Traceability of agricultural and sideline products to achieve traceability and recall management

by:Fullgo     2023-01-25
Mastering the product information and agricultural product traceability system can help business owners and end consumers in the agricultural industry to realize product source supervision and achieve precise control of each product. The traceability source is equipped with a unique traceability code for agricultural products. By collecting relevant data of products in production, processing, storage, logistics and other links, a visual product file of the product is established, and the relevant information of product quality is fully displayed to consumers. Realize the network management of the whole process of agricultural production, organize, analyze, evaluate and warn the traceability information of agricultural products, improve the food supervision system, customers can inquire about food-related information at any time, ensure the quality of food, create smart agriculture, and ensure the reputation of agricultural products. Building a traceability platform database Agricultural product quality traceability system is an information management system that can connect all links of production, inspection, supervision and consumption, let consumers understand the production and circulation process of products, and improve consumers' confidence. With the agricultural product traceability code as the information transmission carrier, the agricultural product traceability label as the expression form, and the agricultural product traceability information management system as the service means, the whole process monitoring of various agricultural product processing, circulation, warehousing, retail and other links is realized. It involves multiple links such as the origin, processing, transportation, wholesale and sales of agricultural products, which helps in quality control and recall of products when necessary. Consumers can scan the QR code on the traceability, check the relevant information of agricultural products at any time, and trace the source and transaction information of agricultural products in order to protect their rights. The whole process of traceability of agricultural product quality The agricultural product traceability system refers to the whole process management system of tracking agricultural products, including food, production materials, etc. entering the market at various stages, from production to circulation. The adoption of the agricultural and sideline products traceability system can realize the traceability of the product source to the processing and circulation process, ensure that end users can purchase assured products, and prevent counterfeit and shoddy agricultural products from entering the market. The traceability of agricultural products can establish an agricultural product information database covering all stages from primary to deep processing. Once problematic agricultural products are discovered and dealt with in a timely manner, the planting and processing of agricultural products can be regulated, and the standardized agricultural product production enterprises can establish their brands. Using the form of one item and one code, the production information, warehousing information, supplier information, logistics information and retail information of agricultural products are completely collected and uploaded to the server at any time, helping enterprises to realize the complete life cycle monitoring of agricultural products.
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