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Traceability of beverages and beverages to achieve quality control

by:Fullgo     2022-12-15
Information Collection China Business Network has established a whole-process information traceability system for wine companies, which can realize the whole-process control of raw materials, production, logistics, transportation, sales, key personnel, and stores. Realize the traceability of the whole cycle of liquor, and the information of production enterprises and products is clear at a glance - from the raw materials, production and processing, brewing, fermentation, packaging management, quality inspection, finished products, storage, delivery, transportation, terminal stores, and sales of liquor throughout the whole process, And the information of the whole product is recorded in detail. Real-time monitoring of control points in each link of the production line can be performed to ensure product quality from the source. For the traceability of beverages and beverages, the enterprise establishes a traceability system internally and through the traceability system of the entire industry chain in external cooperation, which can effectively define the responsibilities of different subjects, effectively implement the responsibility of practitioners, avoid risks, and improve emergency response capabilities. Effective supervision channels create a real-time traceability of the entire industry chain, assign each product a product and a QR code, realize one item, one code, and collect and track real-time data such as product production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, and market inspection. In this way, the production management of the enterprise can be strengthened, the brand image of the enterprise can be improved, and the problem products can be quickly located through the system to achieve accurate recall, avoid the spread of the problem products, and reduce the negative impact on the enterprise. Product digitalization includes product serialization, digital production, digital channels, terminal digitalization and digital services. The traceability management system integrates two-dimensional code technology and communication technology, and has the characteristics of simple operation, real-time data, positive and negative traceability, and visual Kanban management. Improve management efficiency For products with quality problems, it can be traced back to products with the same batch number, the person responsible for quality problems, etc., and deal with them accordingly. The implementation plans are compared to trace the origin and destination of the products, while the latter traceability system will focus on tracing the entire production process from raw materials to finished products, including quality inspection and production batch records. The two-way traceability system uses information technology to track and record the production, circulation and consumption of commodities and implement information management. Master the key points of product quality, record all product details, and consumers recognize the traceability of product information. It can supervise all channels from product material procurement, production and processing links, delivery, sales, distribution, and sales, and puts forward high standards for enterprises. Each piece of wine will have its own traceability label. Later, you can scan the traceability code to understand product information, track product flow, and achieve product traceability management. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Commodity traceability system, whole-process quality supervision rfid commodity anti-counterfeiting traceability system, real-time monitoring of product status
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