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Traceability of dog food to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from the root

by:Fullgo     2022-12-17
There is a data record in the whole process, and each product is given a unique 'QR code', so that each product has its own unique identity ID, which realizes the functions of product traceability, anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, and marketing. Optimize corporate image, build brand, data can be connected with regulatory authorities to meet traceability requirements. When the traceability system generates the QR code, it automatically binds the recorded manufacturing data, test report information, and preliminary processing information with the QR code. The logistics information administrator can manually maintain the logistics time, and can also use the mobile terminal application. Or scanning gun to realize the collection of logistics start time and arrival time. For recallable products, by giving the QR code information such as product raw materials, production process, logistics and circulation, consumers can scan the code, trace the whole process information of the product, and improve the credibility of the product. Scanning code collection for outbound and inbound storage, batch information display, problems can be traced back, responsibility can be investigated, terminal scan code query, factory, shelf, shelf life, and traceability information are fully displayed. Realize the digitization of the whole process from procurement to production to sales, support enterprises with comprehensive, authentic and credible basic data, realize intelligent decision-making, and prevent the occurrence of fraudulent and counterfeit goods. One product, one code technology for dog food traceability, giving each category a unique identity, forming a full-chain closed-loop management of raw materials, production, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, terminals, and key data collection, enabling the source to be traced and the destination to be traceable. Pursuit and accountability, and use the technology integration of big data and the Internet of Things to ensure the quality of products. Establishing a good reputation and anti-counterfeiting traceability is the use of QR codes to identify commodities, encourage consumers to actively participate in anti-counterfeiting, and jointly supervise commodity safety. Product traceability not only provides consumers with a channel to trace the origin of products, but also builds the core competitiveness of enterprises, builds brand enterprises, and promotes the development of local economy. Accurately locate the location of products, supervise product trends, and prevent smuggling of products. Consumers scan QR codes to verify the authenticity of products and help companies spot check product details. Manufacturing enterprises build a one-item-one-code traceability system to track production information and raw material information, so as to achieve lean production management, so that regulatory authorities and consumers can view product information. After the automatically collected data is uploaded to the system, the product traceability file can be automatically generated and cannot be modified, which ensures the authenticity and credibility of the file to the greatest extent and realizes the visual management of the whole production process.
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