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Traceability of red wine to improve users' attention to products

by:Fullgo     2023-01-12
Source control Product source management - full supervision from the procurement of raw materials to the processing and production process. The query conditions of the product quality information database are unique, such as: unique product code, unique product number, unique batch number, etc. The red wine traceability system records the whole life cycle information of the product through the QR code from the raw material of the product to the processing to the finished product, then to the warehouse, the warehouse, and then to the circulation and sales, so that each piece of red wine is made of what raw materials, There is a clear record of how it was produced, how it was distributed, and when it was sold. Complete enterprise traceability management, which is more used for internal information management and internal quality control system management platform of wine production enterprises. Let each product have its own identity information, and you can scan the code to find out the origin of the red wine, brewing time and other information. If there is a problem in the process, it can be traced back to the origin and batch of the product in time, so that it is convenient to take timely measures. Quality traceability carries out automatic production process supervision, product and enterprise benchmarking and early warning, integrates traceability management with production quality control, and provides an on-demand customized system to meet the personalized information requirements of processing enterprises. Consumers only need to open WeChat and scan the QR code to trace the entire circulation information of the product, so that customers can buy with confidence. After scanning the QR code, consumers can learn a series of information such as the production location and circulation of the product. After all the coding tasks are completed, the database will be automatically analyzed and compared. If there is unfinished data, the data will be retransmitted, coded and collected. Establish a red wine safety traceability system to ensure product traceability, and encourage producers and operators to use information technology to collect and retain production and operation information. To ensure that the information can be traced to the source of red wine, the two-dimensional code electronic label is used as the identification of the product. The two-dimensional code can run through the entire safety of the product, including the production, processing, inspection, packaging, circulation and other links of the product. Establish a collaborative platform for information traceability, integrate relevant information on production, circulation, and quality inspection, integrate relevant information in all links, and finally achieve electronic traceability throughout the process. The back-end system provided, the source of raw materials, processing, relevant certificates and other information are entered, and the system generates a variable two-dimensional code. Comprehensive collection of information, if it is difficult to collect information, can reserve a location for more complex information, or reserve an expandable location, which will be gradually implemented later. The traceability system based on the key technology of product traceability realizes the standardization of traceability information collection, processing, transmission and application, and realizes the sharing and exchange of information. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the drug traceability system to assist enterprises in creating product value through digital traceability throughout the entire process, and the entire process information is completely transparently displayed
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