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Traceability platform solution, so that product quality has strong traceability

by:Fullgo     2023-01-15
To ensure that the product quality is easy to query and effectively traceable, consumers can trace the entire circulation information of the product just by scanning the QR code, so that consumers can buy with confidence. Producers collect and save production and operation information through informatization means, and establish a product quality traceability system. Traceability is the use of QR codes to identify commodities, encourage consumers to actively participate in the fight against counterfeiting, and jointly supervise commodity control. Print a QR code for each product, and when consumers buy a product, they can scan the code to view the product information. From raw materials to finished products, from production lines to consumers, it helps enterprises to achieve traceability and management of the entire product chain. The traceability platform solution strengthens the standardization of raw material procurement, raw material storage, production, processing, quality inspection, finished product storage, etc., and defines the person in charge of each link to provide a basis for the implementation of the internal accountability system of the enterprise. Data collection, tracking and traceability can connect all aspects of product, origin, inspection, supervision, and consumption, so that customers can understand the production and distribution process that meets the quality, and improve consumers' confidence. The traceability system can realize the functions of product anti-counterfeiting, smuggling warning, agent management, warehousing logistics management, precision marketing, etc., and can provide one-stop service for enterprises. Through the whole process of traceability of the source, processing, circulation, sales and other information of products, we can create a healthy product brand. Can achieve effective brand promotion, quality traceability, prevent market price disorder, consumer and key person marketing, etc. Remotely monitor product inspection and quickly trace the source of quality; batch management of the production process, and report the production status by scanning the code on mobile devices. Realize the refined management of the whole chain of products in the raw materials entering the factory, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption. It can clearly query product information to establish a collaborative platform for information traceability, integrate production and circulation related information, integrate relevant information of all links, and achieve full traceability. Based on the product identification traceability system, establish data from the source of the production end, and collect real, traceable and verifiable product life cycle data. Realize the traceability from the source of the product to the processing and circulation process, from the procurement of raw materials to the product reaching the consumers. It can supervise all channels from product material procurement, production and processing, delivery, sales and distribution, and sales, providing enterprises with a high-standard management and control model. You can query the information of each product to help consumers verify the authenticity of the product, and at the same time, they can understand the raw materials and product production information.
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