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Traceability QR code, intelligent traceability of the whole supply chain process

by:Fullgo     2023-01-09
The realization of product tracking management with safe and reliable computing and data processing capabilities, powerful functions, high efficiency and stability is the key to building a traceability system, providing a complete set of data solutions for the traceability system. Through one item and one code to complete the whole process of traceability from raw materials to finished products, it can realize the functions of product anti-counterfeiting, early warning of smuggling goods, agent management, warehousing logistics management, precision marketing, etc., and can provide one-stop services for enterprises. By building a product QR code quality traceability system, enterprises can realize the precise management of the production and processing process of product raw materials, supervise and supervise, from the source to the process, ensure the quality of the products, and make consumers more assured of the company's products. Improve the user experience of consumers The QR code traceability system covers the whole process of intelligent traceability, digital marketing, online customer service, enterprise internal management and other systems, helping enterprises to quickly establish one item, one code application scenario. Product anti-counterfeiting can be traced, such as: origin, production batch, production date, product number and other basic information, after entering the product number in the background, the enterprise can operate the product in and out of the inventory and product inquiry in the background of the system. The anti-counterfeiting system and the traceability system are combined to achieve a variety of functions, and when used at the same time, they play an auxiliary role in the sales of products in various channels, ensure product quality, prevent commodity smuggling, and deliver genuine products to consumers. The QR code for traceability can manage the entire product cycle, prevent counterfeiting, track the whereabouts of products, and prevent dealers from selling goods from all over the world. When the product enters the sales terminal, consumers can easily complete the traceability of the product simply by scanning the QR code. So as to ensure the safety of goods. Improve the overall quality of the product The production process is refined to each control point, the responsibilities of each link are clarified, and the quality management with production records and process traces is completed. The establishment of a product traceability system can improve the transparency of all aspects of production, enhance corporate brand awareness, and increase consumer confidence. From raw material acquisition to sales, traceability management of each link, real-time control of each process, ensure product quality, respond to quality problems in a timely manner, and track product history. One item, one code traceability system, consumers can verify the quality, source, circulation, inspection, sales and other information of the product by scanning the traceability code on the package after purchasing the product with the traceability code. The traceability platform manages various information of products entering and leaving the warehouse, and the product flow can be managed and processed by relying on various collected information data to achieve accurate traceability of the entire product life cycle.
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