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Traceability system, overall management of products

by:Fullgo     2022-10-17
The product information generated by the product traceability system in place of monitoring and management is the important foundation and core of the product traceability system. It records the basic information of the product, production information, raw material source information, used material information, packaging information and sales information, etc., thus forming traceability. Managed base database. Consumers can access various information related to the product, such as production, processing, sales, and testing, through product information. The traceability system mainly uses the two-dimensional code as the carrier to trace the product quality throughout the process; through the information collection system, the rapid collection and real-time upload of information can be realized, and the manual documents can also be scanned, collected and uploaded. Real-time recording of the production process By applying the product traceability management system in the production enterprise, pre-production reminders, in-production warnings, and post-production inspections are realized; by collecting all production data to the factory decision-making department, a traceability platform database is constructed to realize Internet access and QR code. Scanning and other methods of traceability to ensure product quality. The product traceability system establishes a unified platform, unified standard, and unified specification system, including: information identification, system data format, system specification and other elements to realize the exchange of product data and information, through the top-level design standards and basis, to indicate the construction direction of the traceability system at all levels, Play the true role of product traceability throughout the chain. Be able to understand the detailed information of the product in the production traceability management system, and manage from the source from system production, circulation to consumption according to clues, as long as it is related to the product, clear material information. The traceability system guarantees the quality of products from the source, and fully satisfies consumers' right to know about product quality while facilitating warehouse management. The raw material traceability system precisely controls all kinds of raw materials of the product, and automatically collects data from key information such as supplier qualifications, raw material batches, and raw material categories. Provide a full range of data collection and integration, making visual data the basis for decision-making by enterprise management, and assisting each link of production, manufacturing, circulation, and marketing. For the traceability system, the enterprise customizes the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system according to the different characteristics of the product, and the key nodes such as production, rush, transportation, and sales of the product are customized and developed. Product traceability QR code, a complete set of industry supply chain, enterprise application traceability system, enterprise independent control of the entire production, packaging, sales and other links.
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