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Traceability system QR code for comprehensive control

by:Fullgo     2023-01-15
The real-time record and traceability system of the production process records the information of the whole product cycle, from production to sales, supervises and controls the product quality, and the information of each stage can be queried. Through the specific logic encryption algorithm of the platform, the unique quality traceability label of the product is generated, and the label is affixed to the product packaging, so that one packaging label corresponds to a batch of products, which becomes an identity code to ensure product quality. Product traceability identification code, a full-link traceability system from raw materials entering the factory, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption, so that every link from raw materials to consumers can be seen and controlled, and the traceability management of enterprises can be improved. Efficiency and brand value. The key link is to monitor consumers after scanning the QR code after purchasing the product. The QR code marketing entrance of the enterprise will be opened soon. The QR code of the traceability system will store product information, generate anti-counterfeiting traceability labels and paste them on the product packaging, so that the authenticity can be checked. Product information can be inquired. Traceability systems can provide accurate and detailed production information to upstream systems by identifying products and tracking movements and usage of traceability. The two-dimensional code traceability system realizes the collection, tracking and monitoring of products from raw material supply to terminal consumption. One product, one code can also achieve effective brand promotion, quality traceability, prevention of market price disorder, consumer and key person marketing, etc. With traceability as the starting point, it can effectively improve the digital level of the whole process and make the brand trust based on the product. Enhance and improve the premium capacity of products. Support various schemes to realize anti-counterfeiting traceability in the form of two-dimensional code. Two-dimensional code can be printed on labels, packaging or automatic coding and other methods to give each product or each batch of products a unique identity code. In the whole process from production to sales, consumers scan the QR code on their mobile phones to conduct product traceability inquiries, providing consumers with transparent product information. The effective solution for brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting is to realize the whole-process traceability of products through the quality traceability system of one item and one code. Information collection: In the production, processing, wholesale, retail, consumption and other links of the node traceability system, equipped with intelligent traceability, mobile, fixed information reading and writing equipment and other equipment, in the operator's transaction process, automatically collect and record each link Product source, testing, transaction, flow and operator information.
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