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Traceability system QR code, remote monitoring product inspection

by:Fullgo     2022-10-18
Identification of the authenticity of the whole process of traceability: check the authenticity of the production factory, no fraud; quality: the product has no problems during the normal use cycle, and the after-sales service focuses on the use of the product and the way to solve other problems; product traceability more is a manifestation of responsibility. The product traceability system can help enterprises to better manage the supply chain and effectively integrate commodity consumption and production, as well as logistics control. Build a traceability system to manage products from production to sales. Products flow in many links. The essence of traceability is to distinguish authenticity, quality and after-sales service. Through the source of product ingredients, processing, terminal stores and other links, the visualization of the entire industry chain and information transparency have been realized. The two-dimensional code of the traceability system helps enterprises to realize the analysis and statistical reports of each node management, and provides support for quality traceability, prevention of market price disorder, consumer and key person marketing, etc. for enterprise decision-making. Reduce the loss of enterprises The QR code traceability system achieves one code for one item, ensuring no duplication, preventing counterfeiting of labels, reducing counterfeit goods, and achieving full-stage anti-counterfeiting traceability, and information can be inquired by scanning it. The core of channel digitization is to establish a win-win situation between brand owners and dealers. Through data collection such as logistics nodes, dealer inventory, and sales, it helps enterprises to accurately control product flow, optimize market distribution solutions, and establish a benign price system. . Through the product identification code, establish a full-link traceability system for products from raw materials entering the factory, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption, so that every link from raw materials to consumers can be visualized and controllable. Enterprise retrospective management efficiency and brand value. Preserving and storing information takes traceability as the starting point, effectively improving the digitalization level of the whole process of the enterprise, making the brand trust continuously improve on the basis of the product, enhancing the premium ability of the product, and guaranteeing the quality of the product! The two-dimensional code traceability system, by giving the product two-dimensional code, one code empowerment, and through the code scanning action, finely track each product, and complete the real-time management of each link in the circulation channel. Using automation, intelligent identification, multiple information encryption, software and hardware system integration and other technologies, the product is given a unique identity code, the production site coding operation is clear at a glance, and the production is extremely flexible. The traceability system can scan the QR code on the product to query the detailed information, and the faulty product can be recalled in time, reducing the error rate, tracing the source, preventing agents at all levels from smuggling goods, and ensuring the quality of the product. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the traceability code of goods, and realize the anti-counterfeiting label of jelly for one item and one code, making counterfeiting unprofitable
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