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Traceability system, the whole process data can be traced

by:Fullgo     2023-01-16
The information transparency category is complete: food, maternal and child, agricultural materials, medical equipment, beverages, manufacturing, beauty cosmetics, fresh food, health equipment, condiments, auto parts. By using the traceability system for the product, the whole cycle of the product is traced, and the detailed information of each link is recorded. The system generates a traceable QR code label, and pastes the one-item-one-code logo on the product packaging. Consumers can query by scanning the code. Full product information. Various application scenarios: production, packaging, palletizing, warehousing, warehousing, circulation, stores, promoters, consumers. Product application: product raw material management, production quality management, warehousing management, channel circulation management, anti-channeling inspection, anti-counterfeiting traceability, data analysis. by establishing"Business-Consumer-Regulatory"to improve product quality and influence; through the establishment of a complete traceability mechanism, the source of products is made transparent, the process is open, and the destination is traceable; through the monitoring and management of the whole life cycle of products, the operation efficiency and quality of enterprises are improved control ability. Enhancing the monitoring of enterprise product quality Using the QR code as the entry point, build a set of traceability tools for the entire industry chain for production enterprises, one item, one code and the whole process of traceability, product coding - production line transformation - channel circulation - market inspection Anti-counterfeiting - marketing activities - big data analysis. The traceability system is based on the two-dimensional code. Enterprises can use the two-dimensional code traceability system to record raw material procurement, production process, whereabouts, batches, manufacturers, production dates and other production, logistics and channel information, and read them in the form of two-dimensional codes. Get the input data. User media: enterprises, channels, consumers, supervisors. Two-dimensional code traceability gives products a unique two-dimensional code, which can record all the information in the production process of goods, form a data chain, and trace all relevant information from the terminal to the starting end. Information record traceability management In the process of market sales, consumers can directly scan and query the information. If there is a problem with the product quality, they can trace the data according to the data scanned by consumers, so as to increase consumers' trust in the product. The realization principle of the traceability system. The traceability system uses modern information technologies such as the Internet of Things, RFID technology and the Internet to manage the entire life cycle of commodities from production to sales, so as to ensure product quality. Production traceability system: data collection in each link (automatic stimulation of production date, batch number related information of each product, statistics of output, use of consumables and personnel work and other important information) product, box and pallet data association. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading of the traceability code of goods, and realize the anti-counterfeiting label of jelly for one item and one code, making counterfeiting unprofitable
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