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Treasure Guard's new function is launched: anti-smuggling management and member point management - Industry News - Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-15
Treasure Guard is committed to providing enterprises with brand protection and precision marketing services, and is a high-quality platform for enterprises to carry out brand promotion and anti-counterfeiting. Recently, Treasure Guard has launched new functions of anti-smuggling management and member point management, providing more comprehensive services for enterprises and meeting the new needs of enterprises for brand management. About the anti-smuggling management function of Treasure Guard Product smuggling management is difficult! Product flow control is difficult! As an enterprise, have you also encountered such a problem? On the one hand, smuggling directly leads to chaos in the price system! Channel prices are difficult to control, the market sales order is in chaos, and consumers' recognition of the brand is reduced; Distributors lose confidence in the brand, and even no longer act as agents, which directly leads to lower corporate profits and even leads to a crisis of corporate survival. Treasure Guard's new anti-smuggling function is designed to solve the problem of brand product flow management! Treasure Guard’s anti-smuggling solution process: One-click code assignment to related products, so that the entire sales process of products from warehousing, warehousing, logistics to dealers and consumers is transparent and controllable, allowing enterprise managers to easily achieve full-process system data supervision . The main functions of anti-smuggling management: product information query records, flow tracking, early warning, data feedback and analysis, etc., so that enterprises can easily grasp the product flow. Sources of data from various dimensions: brand market audit data collection, consumer scan code data feedback, marketing activity effect feedback and other data interface information collection, multi-dimensional data integration, allowing enterprises to easily grasp the market dynamics of products. The platform automatically generates a smuggling report: Combined with the data of various dimensions, a detailed smuggling report is automatically generated. Covering the provinces of smuggling goods and the flow of specific smuggling products, providing accurate data basis for the management of smuggling goods for enterprises. About Treasure Guard's member point management function Membership marketing is a marketing method based on member management. By turning ordinary customers into members, analyzing member consumption information, mining customers' follow-up consumption power, and through member referrals, etc., it can improve users' awareness of Brand loyalty and stickiness. The online member point management function of Treasure Guard helps companies pay attention to customer consumption in real time and analyze member information to provide the most appropriate marketing activities and improve member consumption experience. Member activity management Activity planning: Provides an activity mechanism for online configuration activities, offline purchases and gift collection. Activity information configuration: You can configure the activity type by yourself, fill in the basic information of the activity, set the start time and end time of the activity, the scope of the activity, and the qualifications for participation. Membership Points Management Points generation rules: Merchants set points for each product according to their own needs, including point strategies in various scenarios such as 'first purchase', 'secondary purchase' and 'daily purchase'; While setting product points, it also configures the corresponding points for members and shopping guides (recommendators). Restriction of points rules: According to the attributes of the product and the attributes of the region, distributor, organization structure, etc., the points of the product are restricted, that is: the policy of not participating in points in the designated area or distributor, designated products, and not adjusting with related activities and points And adjustment, that is: according to the dealer to set a blacklist for the products with points.
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