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Two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system, providing early warning of smuggling

by:Fullgo     2023-01-31
Knowing the flow direction of products can carry out channel management and control, and subdivide it into distribution at all levels. Once problems are found, they can be held accountable to the responsible persons at all levels to improve in time and enhance the supervision of distribution channels. If there is a smuggling situation, the system automatically generates smuggling warning information, which is convenient for enterprise managers to check the smuggling dealers, products and regions, and make corresponding decisions. The QR code of each product is different. After the shipment is scanned, it is seamlessly connected with the relevant equipment of the enterprise. After the big data analysis of the real code anti-smuggling platform, all the information of the product can be seen at a glance, and the product circulation is all the way. There is traceability. Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers The anti-smuggling system effectively solves the node where products are sold in the market in the form of one item, one code, so that the whereabouts of the goods can be monitored and brands can effectively take anti-smuggling measures. The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system gives products a unique digital identity through production line coding, and establishes a multi-level packaging relationship. Starting from the product delivery, it tracks the product circulation area, and conducts anti-smuggling monitoring of dealers and store areas to ensure that The flow of products is consistent with the distribution range of the dealer. Customize the QR code anti-smuggling system for branded products, record product warehousing information, control product circulation channels, master the entire process of product flow, monitor and combat vicious commodity smuggling, prevent smuggling management, and standardize market order. It can effectively prevent counterfeit goods and agents from smuggling goods, disordered prices, and overstepping levels, and can also realize online management of warehousing, commodities, and agents. For example, agents can authorize online, place orders online, etc., which is convenient for enterprises to manage their agents at all levels. Business performance statistics. To control the entire product sales process, use the label as the carrier to combine with the anti-smuggling system, one item, one code, to achieve one-to-one information monitoring and recording, control of each product, product anti-counterfeiting traceability, and traceability to the flow of each product. Through the anti-smuggling system, a large amount of paper text information required for documents is converted into electronic data, which improves the speed and accuracy of production data statistics, and reduces the work difficulty of summary statisticians. The development of anti-smuggling system helps enterprises to achieve systematic management of each product by assigning each product its own QR code identification, and combining the QR code with the anti-smuggling system. Through the anti-smuggling management system, it is convenient for enterprises to accurately control the depth and vertical of the distribution channels, and to control the product logistics channels globally, that is, to realize the management of sub-dealers other than the first-level dealers, to track the product flow in depth, and to control the phenomenon of smuggling. Curb smuggling behavior. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading How to stop smuggling? Apply the advantages of the anti-smuggling system to monitor the circulation of products
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