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Two-dimensional code traceability technology, you can see product information

by:Fullgo     2022-11-29
The whole supply chain supervision traceability is realized through the traceability QR code. The traceability QR code is a QR code with traceability function printed on the traceability label or product packaging. The traceability QR code is unique or only in the same batch. Yes, so the additional anti-counterfeiting feature is absolutely unique. Traceability can achieve full chain tracking and record retention of products, and also has a certain anti-counterfeiting function at a certain level; on the basis of traceability, combining anti-counterfeiting can make products more secure and reliable, just like a product entering the market with an 'identity card' facing consumers. Based on one item, one code, the product uses anti-counterfeiting traceability technology, allowing consumers to scan the code to build authenticity certification; it has played a major role in reducing fake and shoddy goods and ensuring product quality. It can also use QR code marketing activities to greatly improve Consumers' trust and goodwill towards the brand. To ensure the quality of the product, the product traceability management method is mainly to trace the two-dimensional code, each two-dimensional code is a unique identifier; when the two-dimensional code is circulated, the traceability information is transmitted to the traceability platform after reading the corresponding information. deal with. Scan the QR code label on the product to view the raw material information, production and processing information, and logistics information of the product. At the same time, the product supervision department can trace the source of the product by scanning the QR code on the label to prevent product quality problems. QR code traceability technical functions: product management, product sales, product after-sales, warehousing and logistics, label making, point exchange, red envelope lottery, process traceability, anti-smuggling, distributor management, comprehensive store management, big data analysis and other mature modules . The product traceability QR code that can be traced to the source of product production is only one of the functions of the traceability marketing platform. The existence of the product traceability system is not a link, but a complete set of industry supply chains. The QR code traceability system gives each product an independent ID. When there is a problem with the product, it can realize 'source traceability, flow direction inquiry, risk prevention, accountability, and product recall'. Each product QR code contains product traceability information such as production date, production line, batch, specification, category, and storage. It is determined in advance before code assignment, which can play a role in product verification and information display. The traceability QR code has become the key to the entire traceability system, providing a series of services such as the design, production, and post-inquiry of the traceability QR code. Enterprises use the traceability system to independently control all aspects of production, packaging, and sales.
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