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Types of laser anti-counterfeiting labels

by:Fullgo     2022-10-17
Types of laser anti-counterfeiting labels  We must have seen many laser anti-counterfeiting labels. In our eyes, each one may not be different. In fact, after careful observation, the patterns of laser anti-counterfeiting labels are different, and there are many types, each with its own Unique characteristics, today we will briefly introduce the types of patterns.  First, the flower  The pattern of the laser anti-counterfeiting label can be the images of many kinds of flowers, and some unique flower images can be planned according to the requirements of the product and the company for the anti-counterfeiting identification of the company's products. Anti-counterfeiting labels have unique anti-counterfeiting features, and can also improve the artistic appreciation value of laser anti-counterfeiting labels while preventing counterfeiting.  Second, the ground  The anti-counterfeiting of the image of the ground pattern is mostly used in the anti-counterfeiting application on the certificate. The image of the field pattern can be composed of straight lines, curves or corrugated lines in a regular series, or the continuous changes of the above elements. Some laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Currently commonly used anti-counterfeiting technology:  A. Physical anti-counterfeiting:     The Achilles heel of physical anti-counterfeiting: the road is one foot high, the magic is one foot high, and it is very easy to be counterfeited quickly. Almost unreliable through physical anti-counterfeiting! Banknotes are a classic example of physical security.   a. Laser anti-counterfeiting: It is very common and looks fancy, but it is not difficult to counterfeit it now, and it is everywhere;   b. Nano anti-counterfeiting: Although only a few foreign companies have this technology at present, the popularization of this kind of counterfeiting technology is a matter of time;   c. Chemical ink anti-counterfeiting: chemical ink is not difficult to buy, and it is not easy for consumers to distinguish, and few are used   d. DNA biological anti-counterfeiting: Once the secret of the DNA formula is leaked, the anti-counterfeiting will completely collapse   e. Texture anti-counterfeiting:     ①, the nemesis is 3D printing;     ②. The anti-counterfeiting company did not allow manufacturers to participate in the production process of anti-counterfeiting labels, so it did not solve the crisis of confidence of manufacturers.
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