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Umbrella QR code anti-smuggling system, real-time tracking and supervision

by:Fullgo     2022-12-10
The system will automatically give an early warning and use the one-item-one-code two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system to manage products throughout the cycle, preventing counterfeiters from forging, preventing dealers from smuggling products, consumers can easily check the authenticity of products, and corporate inspectors can Track the flow of products anytime and anywhere, and realize the supervision and control of products from the factory to the terminal store. The anti-smuggling system gives each product its own QR code identification and uses it in combination with the QR code anti-smuggling system to help companies achieve systematic management of each product. On the supervision platform, the QR code is used as the entrance to realize the association of commodities and systems, and it is easy to solve the problem of cross-regional smuggling. Online real-time monitoring of smuggling situation Using the specially developed Shanghai Zhongshang network anti-smuggling management system, the product information is scanned and collected in each link of product warehousing, warehousing, etc. , stacks, vehicles and other units are collected in batches, and various data collected are uploaded to a dedicated information service platform. Umbrella QR code anti-smuggling system, by giving each product a unique traceability code, can make the code of each product have a data tracking association with the region it is sold to, real-time intelligent tracking, positioning products, and anti-smuggling, merchants can scan Collect the information on the QR code of the product, control the channel, send the relevant logistics, sales and other data information to the merchant, and record the detailed information of the logistics operation, providing a data basis for the prevention of product smuggling and the query and analysis of logistics information. Realize product anti-smuggling management and control. Use the QR code anti-smuggling system for products, complete the integrated customer service system, rebate and other information, achieve hierarchical management, and strengthen strict control and management of sales channels. The anti-smuggling system is applied to branded products, which solves the problem of dealers' cross-regional smuggling, stabilizes the product sales market order, and prevents agents from smuggling and disorderly prices. Assign a unique traceability code to each product, and enter the product information in the information platform in detail, and the dealer information corresponding to the code can accurately track each single product and easily solve the problem of smuggling. The anti-smuggling system can help enterprises provide high-quality solutions according to the field conditions of each production line. Timely detection of smuggling goods, but also effective management of dealers, to achieve the key purpose of combating counterfeiting, standardizing the market, and increasing benefits! Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product anti-smuggling system, whole-process management of distributors' liquor anti-smuggling system, timely grasp of channel inventory
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