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Understanding smuggling management from the system of one item, one code

by:Fullgo     2022-11-16
In today's ever-developing economic life, everyone needs to make purchases. And such purchase behavior is actually an economic behavior in essence, so there is often a problem behind such behavior that needs to be dealt with. That is the management and placement of goods. When there are more and more commodities, if they are not managed, the consequences are unimaginable. So what is a good reputation and high-quality smuggling management? Before understanding and familiarizing with the management of smuggling goods with good reputation and high quality, let's take a look at what is the system of one item, one code. This system is conducive to management. We say that with the development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, we can make everyone's life undergo earth-shaking changes, especially after Ma Yun proposed the concept of 'new retail', for example, 'one object, one code' in more and more industries, and Especially in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, it will be favored by more and more companies. However, traditional brand product packaging is personalized, intelligent, and creates scene-based consumption, which is often the place to grab the attention of consumers. We talk about gaining loyal fans, so, however, the application of one item and one code is crucial to enterprise products. In time, we said that most companies that use one item, one code have a clear goal, which is often to guide consumption, so as to increase product sales and continuously reduce promotion costs. Therefore, it is found that without the assistance of 'one item, one code', we say that the means of product production, supply chain management, and marketing will be greatly reduced. Therefore, especially with the development of information technology today, one item, one code has become an enterprise. The technical basis of product operation, let's take a look at the 5 reasons why we have to do 'one thing, one code'. According to the departmental regulations of the State Council and the newly revised Food Safety Law and other laws and regulations, it is clearly required to accelerate the construction of product quality traceability system, implement food safety supervision measures, and strictly prevent food safety risks. This also shows that under the general market environment, the traceability function in 'one code for one item' seems to be a trend, and a 'traceability code' is attached to each product - equivalent to a person's ID card, no matter which circulation the product passes through. In all links, the file information of the product can be inquired by scanning the code on the mobile phone, so that the whole life cycle can be traced, the source can be checked, and the responsibility can be held. The 'Suggestions on Combating Online Counterfeiting and Infringement to Rejuvenate the Real Economy' was released at the two sessions earlier, which aroused widespread concern in the society. For the pain points of enterprises, one object, one code 'has something to say'. Based on the one object, one code technology, the product's own anti-counterfeiting information and physical anti-counterfeiting can be combined, making full use of information technology and the medium of 'code' to create a strong corporate brand. Protective shield. Each product is marked with its own code, so that one item is one size, which greatly reduces the chance of items being placed in a mess. So what is a good reputation and high-quality channeling management. We can first understand what is the system of one item, one code, and this kind of management provides us with different ideas and directions.
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