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Use and function of anti-smuggling system, efficient control of channel agents

by:Fullgo     2022-12-11
Solve the problem of commodity smuggling The system simplifies the docking link of the distributor team, unified delivery by the system platform, effectively manages the receipt and delivery link, the logistics of the order and the inventory of the product, simplifies the business process and the development of the team. Businesses realize team management and efficiently handle work business. (1) The application of the two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system For enterprises, it can implement dynamic tracking of goods, determine the whereabouts of goods, and know more about the details of each link. (2) For consumers, they can check the authenticity of the goods through one item and one code, and the whole process can be tracked and inquired after the goods leave the factory, so as to monitor and eliminate various bad behaviors. The data monitoring of dealers can be tracked throughout the product cycle. Through the delivery of logistics codes, you can check the receipt and delivery status of each dealer. At the same time, through the scanning code data of consumers, you can understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels, and the inventory data can be displayed in real time. . The anti-smuggling system realizes full tracking and dynamic management. In the process of commodity circulation, the system automatically generates electronic receipt and delivery orders, and the double check and authentication between the system and the order can help merchants prevent commodity smuggling and the circulation of counterfeit and shoddy goods. By building a two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system, you can know the flow of each product, supervise the whereabouts of the product, check the sales of dealers, prevent dealers from all over the place, help brands and manufacturers to effectively supervise distribution channels, purify Distribute the market environment and protect the brand image. Realize the anti-smuggling function. The QR code label on the product can realize the anti-counterfeiting marketing function. Consumers and terminals can scan the code to check the information and participate in marketing activities, and provide early warning information for smuggling goods in the reverse direction. Scan the products when they are out of the warehouse and in the warehouse, and seamlessly connect the relevant information with the existing system data of the enterprise. Through the analysis background of big data, all the information of the commodity is clear at a glance. Intelligent management of logistics tracking, assigning codes to products, checking the logistics links of products in real time, and effectively preventing smuggling. Enterprises can effectively monitor the phenomenon of smuggling, and can also obtain user data information through marketing activities. The purpose and function of the anti-smuggling system, the data system of entering product/dealer information, and delivering shipments step by step, helps merchants maintain their brand reputation. Using the QR code as the carrier to monitor the real-time data of the product, effectively prevent counterfeiting and channeling, and maintain the brand image.
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