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Veterinary drug QR code traceability, scan to query information

by:Fullgo     2023-01-25
Product quality can be supervised to strengthen consumers' trust in brands and enhance the monitoring of enterprise product quality. It can realize the supervision of each link, play its role in market supervision, and strengthen the awareness of commodity rights protection. Realize enterprise production, circulation, sales management. The whole process of scanning the traceable source code is traceable, and consumers can view the whole process of product production and sales by scanning the traceable QR code of the product. Complete the informatization supervision of the whole process of products from raw materials to sales, processing, transportation and production, rely on the connection of data in each link to ensure product safety, realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, and escort all-round traceability. Realizing quality control, effectively supervising channels, and collecting user data, the enterprise has been significantly improved in terms of refined management, quality tracking and traceability, etc., and has achieved accurate grasp of each veterinary drug. Real-time information from raw material supply, production links to warehousing . Improve corporate brand trust and achieve full-cycle traceability of products. By scanning the traceability label on the product, consumers can clearly query product information and play a role in buying with confidence. The quality of each link of the product is traceable and controlled, information can be queried, the whole process can be traced, and the whole process can be tracked to strengthen enterprise quality management. Real-time understanding of the circulation of products, easy to adjust and control based on real data, and provide reference for production and purchasing decisions. Fully realize the visualization and dataization of traceability, truly guarantee the brand image of the enterprise product and facilitate the market supervision of the product by the regulatory department. Two-dimensional code traceability of veterinary drugs to complete the whole process of visual management of raw materials entering the factory, product production, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption. Product quality and user feedback By tracking products from raw materials to production processes and distribution processes, consumers and regulatory authorities can clearly see the information of the selected products, making purchases safer. Understand product information, track product flow, and achieve product traceability management. Product traceability information collection, information transmission, information processing, and information inquiry. The product traceability system adopts real-time data collection technology to traceability identification of management objects in the supply chain such as raw material procurement, processing, storage and sales. Precise management, supervision and supervision of the production and processing process of product raw materials, from the source to the process, ensure the quality of the product, so that consumers can be more assured of the company's products. A variety of functions are realized and used at the same time, which plays an auxiliary role in the sales of products in various channels, ensures product quality, prevents goods from being sold, and delivers genuine products to consumers.
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