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Void Hologram Sticker

Void Hologram Sticker
Hologram Effect with Void Revealing
Design format
Laser hologram and Void reveal
Sheet / Roll
Place of origin
Shenzhen, China
Payment terms
T/T, West Union, Paypal

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Product Information

Price terms: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIFBrand: FullgoDesign format: AI
Package: Sheet/RollPlace of origin: Shenzhen, ChinaPayment terms: T/T, West Union, Paypal
Material: PETFunction: Laser hologram and Void reveal

Void reveal hologram sticker

1. Void hologram sticker is made of polyester film and shot by laser beam in different angles which figures out different colors red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in different viewing angles.

2. With laser technology, hologram sticker has the unique feature which leads to the only specification to reach the anti counterfeit effect.

3. Besides the basic laser effect, also we can combine other technologies to make hologram anti counterfeit more powerful. We have serial number, silkscreen print, ‘VOID’ reveal, double channel, embossment, demetalized.

4. In hologram sticker, there are two main parts: one time use and permanent. One time use hologram sticker will be self-destroyed when removed from application substrate, but permanent ones will keep the same.

5. Size and design picture of sticker can be customized.

6. Production process: laser engraving---mold pressing---silkscreen---printing serial number---coating adhesive---die cutting---QC---packing.

7. If you need standard sample, it is free, only you pay the shipment is ok. And if you want customized sample, it will take some cost depended on what the exactly product it is.

8. Application: suitable for sealing on smooth paper, metal, glass, cloth, carton, box and plastic.

Face material
PET film
GlueAcrylic pressure adhesive
Hidden textVOID / VOID OPEN / customized
ColorLaser hologram effect
Jumbo roll530mmx400m
Roll / Sheet
SolutionAnti counterfeit / Anti theft / Tamper evident
Serial numberYes


Product Details

Void hologram sticker is shooted by laser beam in different angles, which figures out different colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in difference viewing angles. Colors of the hologram will change, because when rainbow hologram is turned back and forth, depending on the light source and viewing angle, the colors will run through the spectrum. There are three kinds of hologram sticker: Hidden text revealing (VOID, VOID OPEN, Honeycomb, customized) / One time use / Permanent use.


Project Show

After we finish the void hologram sticker depended on AI fromat design, others can not copy it 100% the same, as long as they will not get the original AI design. In hologram, we can use the laser technology to prevent our products from counterfeiting; In security, we can use VOID reveal technology to keep our asset from thefting. Combined with these two functions, we can make it more powerful to protect our products.

Product Structure

1. Adhesive:

1>Initial adhesive : SI(N/25mm) 12.24; CGS(G/25mm) 1289

2>Permanent adhesive: SI(N/25mm)14.16; CGS(G/25mm)1457

3>Cohesion: (sec.) NC 30000


Initial adhesive:20 to 40 mins after application;

Permanent adhesive:24 hours after application;

Cohesion:0 angle dead load test at 40C,applied area:25mm*25mm 1kg load

2. Temperature resistant: -40C to 120C degree

Service Policy & Packaging

Before-sales Service: Fast quotation, we give price within 8 hours; Free sample, we offer free standard sample for customers to check first; Free design, we provide professional free design for customers on the sticker. (About color problem, sometimes we see different colors in different computers, so if customers can prepare AI format design will be welcomed)
Medium-sales Service: We will follow the order and keep information updated to our customers. If it is necessary, we can take pictures to check before we finish the order.
After-sales Service: We take seriously care of shipment and positively cooperate with any document we should provide. After products arrive, we will actively make sure with our customers, not only whether the quality is good or not, but also we communicate with customers about the process, understand each other. Which is not good enough, then we improve it, in the next order we can do it more smoothly and efficiently. Of course, if there is any product is in poor quality, we should and have to manufacture it again.

This is very good, hologram with void, but it is expensive, if we buy more, can you make it cheaper
2017-07-17 15:53:50
Thank you that you like it, Mr. Karlie. About the price, we will talk with you in mail later.
2017-07-17 15:56:46
beautiful product
2017-02-22 16:26:11
We are so glad that you like it, Ms. Helen. Thank you so much.
2017-02-22 16:26:58
the holo void is good
2016-12-21 16:02:47
Thank you, Mr. Jasper. We are so glad that our product is satisfactory.
2016-12-21 16:03:33
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