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What are the advantages of laser anti-counterfeiting labels_Laser anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-06
Laser anti-counterfeiting technology was introduced into the record industry in the 1980s and achieved good results. Later, it was gradually extended to other fields. The laser anti-counterfeiting label is a new technology that appears in this context, and the effect is very good, and it has been increasingly recognized by the market. So, what are the advantages of laser anti-counterfeiting labels? 1. The molding temperature is suitable. The single-plate molding temperature of the laser anti-counterfeiting label is generally set to be constant according to the softening point of different coating resins. The main effect of temperature on the molding process is brightness and transparency. If the temperature is too low, the softening point of the resin will not be reached, the embossed stripe transfer will not be clear, and the laser effect will not be transparent; if the temperature is too high, the surface of the coating will be severely cracked, or even dry, so the molding temperature can only be In the production process, it can be selected according to specific requirements and used flexibly. 2. Moderate molding pressure Laser anti-counterfeiting label For the coated base film, the unwinding and winding tension should be set before molding, so that the film is tensioned without shaking, so that qualified products can be stamped flatly. If the tension is too large, the winding will be easily wrinkled, resulting in violent tendons and other phenomena; if the tension is too small, the winding will be easily uneven, resulting in core pulling. The molding pressure generally depends on the type of coating film, molding temperature, molding plate, and product requirements. If the molding pressure is too high, the molding plate is easily damaged; if the molding pressure is too low, the molding image is not clear. 3. The plate distance is reasonable. The stability of the plate moment in the laser moulding positioning product is very important, and the offset printing can meet the production requirements within the relatively simple control. However, for the connection composite transfer gravure printing, the requirements for the stability of the plate moment are extremely high, and the overall control must be within, so the equipment precision is very high. In the process of positioning and compounding, an accurate and effective positioning compounding production line should be used to control the quality accuracy, and the fixed-length drawing compounding and online peeling and fixed-length compounding technologies are also applied, aiming at correcting the inevitable laser film pattern length error. Laser technology is still in the trial stage in the field of anti-counterfeiting. The above-mentioned advantages of laser anti-counterfeiting labels make it a good anti-counterfeiting technology. Laser technology will be further deepened and developed in the future, which will also improve the performance of laser anti-counterfeiting, thus providing convenience for people's daily production and life.
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