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What are the advantages of product full traceability traceability_Product full traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-22
Under the conditions of market economy, most businessmen engaged in business activities still place profit-making in a prominent position in business activities, which may lead to potential product quality and safety problems. In order to effectively change the problem that consumers have difficulty tracking merchants after purchasing products in the past, a new product traceability service has been developed. It can better solve the following problems. 1. Suppressing counterfeit and shoddy production activities The flow of information on channel products often stops abruptly from the manufacturer to the first-level distributor, and the information on the lower-level distributors and end users is unknown. It is difficult to participate in the construction of the product traceability system in all aspects of the whole life cycle of sales and use of products. This is the main reason for the incomplete product traceability chain. Fakes bring opportunities. After the introduction of product traceability throughout the whole process, it can effectively combat first, counterfeit and shoddy production activities. 2. Realize the full cooperation between enterprises and business managers From the perspective of enterprises, the application of traceability data can improve their quality management capabilities internally, optimize production processes, and externally maintain product brand image, improve product added value and market competitiveness. From the perspective of social supervision, traceability data can restore all links in the industrial chain and their associated relationships, locate problematic links and responsible parties to law enforcement agencies and users, and provide data support for the recall of problematic products. 3. Standardize the deployment and application of the product traceability system for market sales behavior, realize the networked dynamic monitoring and tracking management of the production, sales, installation, use, maintenance and supervision of fire products Order and ensure public safety have played a positive role. For the formation of an open and transparent industrial management atmosphere, it has a good guiding role. Through the establishment of the whole-process traceability system of products, the tracking of specific products from production, transportation, sales, after-sales and other processes can be realized, which effectively avoids the behavior of some speculative businesses that produce fake and inferior products and damage the basic rights and interests of consumers. It will further create a good opportunity for the maintenance and protection of after-sales rights, which is conducive to building a clear and fair operating environment.
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