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What are the advantages of product full traceability traceability_Product full traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-22
In the past, the sales of various products could only be found through the introduction of the product to the manufacturer and the company that entrusted the sale, but the specific information of the product was unknown. After the appearance of the whole-process traceability and traceability technology of products, it can effectively solve people's annoyance. After scanning the traceable source code, consumers can easily view the factory details of the product and the whole process of transportation, and the advantages of source code traceability are not limited to Therefore, what are the significant advantages of source code traceability for the entire production and sales process? 1. Create more competitive core products For enterprises, the use of product traceability throughout the entire process can efficiently create more competitive core products. The current source code traceability technology can meet the needs of different industries, and can be set according to the characteristics of the industry's production process. The corresponding traceability process can better match the traceability requirements of different industries. Any production industry can customize the suitable traceability process, including food, medicine and agricultural products, auto parts and tea industries. And if there is no or few companies in the industry that create traceable source code for products, then the companies that start to implement can quickly occupy the market and win over consumers. 2. Allowing open input information to achieve personalized customization The currently recognized source traceability technology can support enterprises to customize and add various forms of traceability processes, product management, supplier management, personnel management and raw material management and other basic information management forms. What traceability information is displayed through what process or who enters the information can be freely set before leaving the factory. The components inside the traceability technology are completely customized and added according to the needs of the enterprise, which fully realizes the needs of the enterprise to achieve personalized customization. The whole process of product traceability and traceability technology is a technology currently being implemented for high-quality products. Using this technology, consumers can clearly know the ins and outs of the product, making the entire consumer purchase process very reassuring. The future development of source code traceability technology must be a sinking development. It is also the wish of developers to make all products use this technology.
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