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What are the advantages of product traceability and traceability? _Product traceability and traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-02
Product traceability is generally used for product sales with relatively high positioning, and is often used in the fields of medicine and beauty, where user feedback is more important. Through the traceability system, we can not only create a platform for continuous interaction with consumers, but also receive feedback from customers in a timely manner. Every product can be traced back after it is sold. Therefore, even if a brand accident occurs, it can pass the system picket in time. Reasons, timely and credential handling issues. So what are the other advantages of using product traceability throughout the entire process? The following briefly introduces the six major advantages of the traceability system to provide after-sales services. 1. Multiple scans with one code After customers scan the code on the product, they can directly connect to the brand's We-media account to obtain follow-up services. This can not only help enterprises to accurately drain traffic, reflect their service attitude, but also lay the foundation for the continuous operation of subsequent customers. Not only that, the background can also automatically identify scanning channels and mark them as different types of users to facilitate subsequent data management. 2. Free combination operation module This is where the individuality of the product traceability system is reflected. The system can design different combination modules according to the planning scheme of the enterprise marketing department. By entering different content modules, different types of operation strategies can be realized, and user mobile terminal data can also be read, and the information collected by different modules can be managed separately or in batches. Moreover, by using the standard API interface, the collection and anti-counterfeiting processing of commodity mobile data can be realized in a more efficient and low-cost way. 3. Remarketing of corporate brand This is one of the important reasons why companies choose to use product traceability throughout the entire process, which can achieve remarketing at a lower cost. The QR code attached to the product packaging is a very effective secondary advertisement. In the past, it was limited to the packaging design and product size, and consumers could not understand the detailed information of the product. After using the product traceability system, consumers can get a transparent and open product quality report issued by the company by scanning the code, and the shopping experience will be better.
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