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What are the advantages of the anti-counterfeiting company_Anti-counterfeiting company-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-04
Do you hate fake and shoddy products like Xiaobian? I believe that friends who have used fake skin care products all hate fake cosmetics and wish to eradicate the dens that produce fake and shoddy products. However, due to various reasons, fake and shoddy products always appear in the market. Anti-counterfeiting companies are required to pick up the 'anti-counterfeiting weapons' in their hands to defend against counterfeit and shoddy products, so what are the advantages of well-known domestic anti-counterfeiting companies? 01. Low-cost product anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting company ‍Through blockchain technology, all life cycle data such as production, circulation, and consumption of products are stored on the chain, so as to realize the all-round and transparent development of products that can be traced, whereabouts can be traced, and responsibilities can be investigated. Better prevention of counterfeit and shoddy products. 02. Integrate a variety of marketing interaction methods Anti-counterfeiting companies ‍Connect brand owners and consumers through one item and one code, quickly open up two-way online and offline links, and scan the QR code with mobile phones to easily obtain product information and participate in various marketing activities. Traceability Anti-Counterfeiting Company 03. Establish a consumer database Anti-counterfeiting company ‍Through QR code marketing activities, it is possible to collect relevant information of consumers and establish a consumer database of brands or products; anti-counterfeiting companies ‍Through data analysis, they can serve consumers in a more targeted manner , to improve consumers' loyalty to the brand, no matter what problems or doubts arise, the problem data can be compared with the consumer database, and then the root cause of the problem can be found out and the problem can be solved emotionally. The above are some of the advantages of anti-counterfeiting companies summarized by the editor for everyone, and it can also be said to be the services they can provide, whether it is for production enterprises, or for consumers, or for the maintenance of market order. In other words, it plays an indelible role, and an important responsibility and mission. Therefore, companies that provide anti-counterfeiting services are obliged to continuously improve their technology and services, and completely keep counterfeit and inferior products out of the market.
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