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What are the advantages of using an anti-smuggling system? Can effectively prevent goods from being sold

by:Fullgo     2023-01-26
It is easier to scan. In the process of product logistics and transportation, the anti-smuggling system can realize rapid identification of products through technology, thereby improving the circulation efficiency of logistics and speeding up the speed of supply chain transportation. By reading the unique logistics code and anti-counterfeiting code on the product, the China Business Anti-Smuggling Platform helps companies monitor the flow of products from production to consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of product anti-smuggling. What are the advantages of using an anti-smuggling system? Answer: Through the anti-smuggling management system and the information input in the system, the precise management and control of product circulation, logistics, and business channels can be realized, and the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management and control of products can be realized. Consumers scan the code when purchasing a product, and the geographic information corresponding to the product does not match the actual geographic information of the purchase, which is regarded as a risk of smuggling. The sales channel inspectors visit the market and scan the code in the terminal market. If they find that the purchased product area does not match the distribution area, it will be regarded as fraudulent goods. Distributors in unified management of each region can code boxes and correlate bottles and boxes to achieve logistics traceability and achieve the important purpose of preventing cross-selling, ensuring healthy competition in the product sales market for enterprises and maintaining a good market order. Production management - mainly realizes all management activities related to production, including: industrial computer management, production line setting, production plan management, production task management and monitoring, production rework, packaging relationship management and other functions. Product warehousing, logistics, distribution, transportation, inspection and sales can be used for data collection and tracking. Through tracking, you can check the receipt and receipt of all products to dealers, and you can also check the receipt and delivery of each dealer. , through the consumer scan code data, to understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels, and real-time display of inventory data. All links such as sales can be traced and managed by anti-smuggling: product coding, product warehousing, product delivery, distributors, flow management, and consumer scanning. Warehouse managers scan the code when the product is out of the warehouse to determine the corresponding relationship between the number and the receiving dealer. The dealer personnel visited and scanned the code in the market of the distribution area, and found that the QR code did not match the distribution area, which was regarded as a scam. By labeling each product, box and pallet, and managing related sets of codes; the system enters the logistics information of the goods, which is convenient for inquiries at any time. Product advantages: Compared with the existing platforms currently used in the market, the China Business Anti-Smuggling Platform has a more comprehensive source of product flow data; it has consumer shopping code scanning measures, enabling consumers to help enterprises complete market management unknowingly so as to make the enterprise's anti-smuggling management more accurate. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Umbrella QR code anti-smuggling system, real-time tracking and supervision of one item, one code, tea anti-smuggling, and comprehensive grasp of product logistics information
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