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What are the advantages of using an anti-smuggling system? _Smuggling system-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-13
With the rapid development of the economy, e-commerce platforms are becoming more and more prosperous, and the number of users who shop online is increasing every day. Logistics companies need to deliver a large amount of goods to cities and places at all levels every day. Although the increase in business volume will bring high-speed development opportunities to logistics enterprises, a large number of goods can easily lead to the phenomenon of concatenation due to unclear identification, which will bring great damage to the service quality of logistics enterprises. In order to better prevent goods from smuggling, there will be corresponding countermeasures and systems after the demand arises, and the anti-smuggling system came into being, so the anti-smuggling system can avoid such phenomena. So what are the advantages of the anti-smuggling system currently used in the logistics industry? We can all find out together. Through sorting and summarizing, the advantages of the anti-smuggling system mainly include the following three categories of advantages: 1. The one-stop anti-smuggling system mainly uses the automatic marking machine to label each express item with a unique identity. Identification, receiving and picking personnel only need to scan and identify the identification through a special code scanning machine, and the device can clearly display the sending city and receiving city of the shipment, which can make the classification of express goods flowing to different cities clearer , to reduce the occurrence of logistics chain goods phenomenon. 2. Reduce manual pressure When the number of express orders is small, the logistics industry usually uses manual methods to classify express delivery. However, manual sorting not only requires a lot of time, but also manual operations will inevitably make mistakes. For logistics enterprises, the use of anti-smuggling system can not only effectively reduce the occurrence of cross-goods, but also greatly improve the delivery speed of logistics. 3. Improve management capabilities Modern logistics not only has strict requirements on the delivery time of express goods, but also needs to inform end users about the circulation of goods. Through the QR code identification of the best anti-smuggling system in the industry, when the express goods flow through any site, the information of the express goods can be quickly entered into the system through rapid scanning and identification, which effectively improves the logistics enterprises' awareness of express goods. management ability. The above is aimed at the advantages of the anti-smuggling system in the logistics industry, because once the phenomenon of cross-delivery occurs in express goods, not only the time for end customers to receive express delivery will be infinitely prolonged, but also the transportation cost of a single item of logistics enterprises will be increased. The anti-smuggling system can not only make the classification of express goods clearer, but also improve the efficiency of express sorting, and through the anti-smuggling system can also enhance the management ability of logistics enterprises on express delivery. Therefore, the advantage of using the anti-smuggling system is very obvious. In the relevant logistics industry and enterprises, this type of anti-smuggling system should be actually implemented and applied. The benefits are obvious, and it can be said to be a good profit for enterprises in the logistics industry. Many.
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