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What are the anti-counterfeiting label materials? fully play the role of counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2023-01-02
Anti-counterfeiting materials include: anti-counterfeiting inks, anti-counterfeiting inks mainly include optical color-changing anti-counterfeiting inks, infrared excitation anti-counterfeiting inks, temperature-changing inks, ultraviolet fluorescent anti-counterfeiting inks, scratch printing inks, sunlight color-changing inks, etc. When selecting anti-counterfeiting labels, different materials are selected according to different categories. Generally, there are paper stickers, PVC fragile paper, watermark paper, security thread, etc. The laser label is made of alumina laser film. Anti-counterfeiting label material 1. Scratch anti-counterfeiting label: Scratch is one of the common anti-counterfeiting labels. This anti-counterfeiting label is sprayed with an anti-counterfeiting number on the label paper, and a layer of excess ink is sprayed on the number; this anti-counterfeiting label can be used for Check the anti-counterfeiting number to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect of the product after scraping off the covered ink. Self-adhesive paper, PVC film, PET film, coated paper. 2. Watermark paper is the most commonly used anti-counterfeiting paper. It is a kind of paper with embossed, see-through, touchable images or barcodes; watermarking is a popular anti-counterfeiting technology with good effect. The carrier, checking the watermark is also one of the most effective means to identify the authenticity of banknotes. Banknotes with special watermarks are generally made of paper with watermarks; watermarked paper combines design, moulding, net making, papermaking and other processes in the manufacturing process, often making counterfeiters helpless. 3. Decoding and identification technology: Decoding and identification technology is to first produce special optical particles, and distribute these optical particles with high density to form texture distribution. In the micron-precision comparison, the texture distribution is random and unique. The producer made the first one but could not make the same second one, realizing self-non-replicability, so that no one can replicate it. 4. Plastic film material: Features: good anti-transfer effect, there is a layer of film on the surface of the label, after removing the film, the content printed on the label will remain and cannot be reused, the label is relatively thin, high color reproduction, high definition , shiny, often used for anti-counterfeiting of cosmetics, tea, health products and other products, mostly used for sealing. 5. Alumina laser film (laser label); special paper labels: fiber paper, fragile paper, anti-counterfeiting paper, watermark paper, etc. Self-adhesive coated paper: Features: smooth and delicate surface, smooth printing, strong color printing reducibility, stable viscosity, suitable for all kinds of bottle stickers, labels, etc. Advantages: low cost, wide printing adaptability, suitable for all walks of life, is a commonly used label in the current market.
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