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What are the anti-counterfeiting technologies of laser anti-counterfeiting labels? _Laser anti-counterfeiting-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-01-15
Two days ago, a friend asked me what is the laser anti-counterfeiting label? I found a product about laser anti-counterfeiting labels and showed him. In fact, there are many types of anti-counterfeiting labels for products, but many people don't know much about laser anti-counterfeiting labels. This time we focus on the laser anti-counterfeiting label category. To introduce, let's now understand what is a laser anti-counterfeiting label, and then share what content is involved in the anti-counterfeiting technology of laser anti-counterfeiting label. First of all, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, also known as holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, are anti-counterfeiting labels completed by using laser color hologram plate-making technology and molding replication technology. Colorful optical random interference, Chinese and English uranium abbreviated text, etc. Laser anti-counterfeiting label pattern anti-counterfeiting technology. Secondly, what are the anti-counterfeiting technologies of laser anti-counterfeiting labels? There are mainly the following types. We will understand the specific details next: 1. Tuanhua: printing the pattern of various flowers on the laser anti-counterfeiting label, it also has a high technical appreciation while anti-counterfeiting. It is also possible to design personalized Tuanhua laser anti-counterfeiting labels by combining with the product and company image. 2. Ground pattern: It is to connect various elements repeatedly according to the regularity and continuity, which can be elements such as straight lines, curves, corrugated lines and so on. Commonly used for anti-counterfeiting marks on documents. 3. Lace: It is used for printing on the edge of the product, and various kinds of composite lace are used to achieve the effect of decoration and anti-counterfeiting by changing its elements and colors. 4. Latent image: Print the relevant words and patterns in the pattern, giving people the feeling that the words and patterns are lurking in the printed matter. 5. Relief: Embossing is used, and lines are used for shading. This type of laser anti-counterfeiting label technology is widely used. 6. Miniature: Reduce the text to a size that cannot be changed by the naked eye. This anti-counterfeiting technology has a simple design and a very good effect. 7. Anti-scanning: Lines that can no longer be rendered with modern ultra-high-precision scanners and photoengraving. Doing so will prevent the printed matter from being copied. 8. Image processing: use different lines, combined with the background pattern of the printed matter, and then generate various anti-counterfeiting effects according to different data programs. The above is an introduction to the laser anti-counterfeiting labels we usually encounter, especially the anti-counterfeiting technology of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Can you understand it? This kind of content is relatively professional. Only when you are engaged in this industry will you know what is going on. Are you satisfied with the introduction carefully organized by our Shanghai Nuobiao anti-counterfeiting technology editor? If you have relevant business needs, please call our hotline for consultation and serve you wholeheartedly.
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